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Get to Knight with 2100 prestige and lots of resources quickly!

Discover how many ballistae you need to defeat every level NPC

Learn all about Evony medals and medal drop rates

Have zero chance of being taken over, no matter how large a force is sent to attack you. Read how »

Learn the finer points of Evony strategy

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Guides - How to play Evony

How to play Evony > Quick-Start Guide

Evony Videos

Evony videos > Conquering Cities

Reference - Evony facts

Evony facts > NPC Cities

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Evony websites > Evony Social

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Evony on Facebook

Over 1,000 members have already joined and are following Evony on Facebook.

The much-anticipated release of the Evony Fansite Kit is here!

It includes original game graphics, logos and screenshots for fans to use on their websites.

There is 7.6mb of artwork and graphics that Evony fansites will love.

Other new articles include Beacon Tower Level Affects Scouting by Ramsey Dulin, Perfect 10 by Law Thorpe, Hourly Food Consumption by Isaiah Fischer and History of Military Units by Scott Navratil.

Thank you to all editors for editing and writing articles for the Evony community. You are not an editor? Then become one!

Prestige in Evony

Learn all about prestige and how to maximize it. Did you know if you get promoted you will earn less prestige for the same actions?

Plundering in Evony

Learn how to plunder other Evony players and how to avoid being plundered.

Evony Officers

What is the difference between an Evony officer and a presbyter? Find out on the officers page.

Is Your Evony City Full?

Four things can happen when your Evony city is full.
  1. You can panic
    (don't do this!)

  2. You can downgrade or destroy buildings or blow them up with dynamite (fun!)

  3. You can build your own barbarian city

  4. You can start a new city
Any other ideas? Let us know!

Evony Medals

*Confirmed* How to get medals successfully. On Jan 20 2010, we confirmed how to get medals!

See the Evony Medal Drop Rates page.

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Evony Strategy Guide

The Evony Strategy Guide is here, updated with the latest Evony patch!

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Evonypedia has a dedicated Evony news page!

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The Evony Forum launched today! Be the first to post your thoughts about Evony.

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Tivie's Evony Tools

The official site of the famous Tivie's NPC Battle Calculator is finally online, with new tools that can help you become a better player. Don't miss it.

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