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Alliance Management

First you must actually make the alliance and the name (don't make a stupid name like the name of your lord or lady!)

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Then you must set an introduction and it must be good some people's just look like they didn't care which doesn't get a reader's attention. You need a hook. Make a prestige requirement after on like when the players you invited start getting stronger then make prestige requirement because an alliance starts off weak and must grow slow.

Use the www.evolliance.com website and set up an alliance forum there. These can be posted with strategy and guides to help the beginner's.

Expel all members who are inactive for a week or two. Inactive are no use there prestige may be but not being on for two weeks? That's a useless player to have.

Do not advertise your alliance while using speakers you wont get much people into your alliance on a high scale. Check them, see if they have an alliance, and invite them if you want. Make a certain location so where the alliance can be together to help each other.
I have an amendment to the officer positions. It shouldn't be based on prestige, but on workload, experience, and most of all dedication. Vice hosts are people you have to trust with the entire alliance. They should not just be the players with the highest prestige. Presbyters are most often the internal affairs branch of the alliance, as they will more often be on than VHs, and have the power to expel members. These presbyter positions should be based on prestige, as they involve interaction with the rest of the alliance, which requires some leverage. Officers are the recruitment branch of the alliance, and can thus be any slightly outstanding member. But most definitely, positions should not just be handed out as high prestige gifts.
Suggested Position setup
this is a small guide for alliance host of what positions to give to what player. I also included roles for each rank to help the alliance run better
VICE-HOST= a vice host should be a trusted member of the alliance.this member should have good experience and also good leadership skills. A vice host helps the host manage the alliance and handles any questions or problems that need to be reviewed by the higher ups.
Presbyter- a presbyter should be based on trust and dedication.this is a position that should handle the internal problems.these players should watch for issues between members and try to handle them.also you might want to assign 2 or 3 presbyters to be diplomats who will handle diplomacy offers then report them to the VH and the host for acceptance.
OFFICER-. They should always be on the watch out for players searching for a alliance and should be able to answer any question a player has about the alliance.
MEMBER-This is a rank that all members should have to go through.this is for new members or members that cant be promoted.there role is to build up to help support the alliance.they should be able to contribute to the alliance in at least one way weather soldiers, resources or information.

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