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Alliance Ranks

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Officers help manage Evony alliances and provide a chain of command, even when the host is not in Evony. Promoting your members is critical to keeping a healthy alliance.
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There are five ranks:
  1. Member
  2. Officer
  3. Presbyter
  4. Vice Host
  5. Host

Evony Ranks and Actions Summary

Member (up to 99)
  • Quit alliance
Officer (up to 10)
  • Invite members
  • Accept pending applications
  • Accept resignations (expell to prevent loss of prestige)
Presbyter (up to 5)
  • Change member permission up to Presbyter
  • Expel members
Vice Host (up to 2)
  • Change alliance introduction messages
  • Change member permission up to Vice Host
  • Control diplomacy with other alliances (friendly, neutral, war)
  • Send group messages
Host (only 1)
  • Relinquish host

Evony Member

Every new alliance recruit starts as a member. Members are the body of an alliance and without them there can be none. The responsibilities of members are mainly to contribute to the alliance, weather it be knowledge, resources, etc. Members do not have any special abilities in the alliance until they are promoted, but all they can do while just a member is join or quit an alliance.

An alliance can have up to 99 members. (You have to have a host, so the maximum MEMBER count is 99)

Evony Officer

Officers are the first special rank in an alliance and can invite members, accept pending applications and accept resignations (kick people to prevent loss of prestige).

An alliance can have up to 10 officers.

Evony Presbyter

A presbyter manages the officers and can change the rank of any member up to Presbyter.

An alliance can have up to 5 presbyters.

Evony Vice Host

A vice host is the second-in-command and can do everything the host can, including expel members, change alliance introduction messages, change the rank of any member up to Vice Host, control diplomacy with other alliances (friendly, neutral, war) and send group messages.

An alliance can have upto 2 vice hosts.

Evony Host

The host's only unique ability over Vice Host is to relinquish his/her position to another member. When he/she does, he/she will attain that member's previous rank,which is usually vice host.

An alliance can only, and must, have 1 host.

Evony Diplomats

Every alliance should elect diplomats, they are necessary to create diplomatic ties or relationship between alliances. Diplomats actually assist the host and vice host in arranging friendly, neutral or hostile relationships among alliances. The position of Diplomats are usually presbyters.
Alliances that have diplomats are usually properly administrated because they relieve the hosts of some amount of work that is to be done in the alliance.

Amount of diplomat:          3-4