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complete guide to alliances

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This is a guide to creating and managing an alliance. We hope that it help you create a very successful alliance and will improve your game play strategy 

The complete Evony alliance guide
This guide is made to help an alliance from its beginning to its possible fall. If you’re a player looking to start an alliance you should start an account on a newer server. These servers have new players looking for a alliance. When you create an alliance your embassy must be at least lv.2 come up with a name for your alliance (something intelligent not your lord name).now that you have a name you should create a hooking into that will make people want to join your alliance. Possibly use it for alliance history. Now create a alliance notice I us this for rank requirements and posting alliance sites(well talk about those later in the guide)now that the alliance is set up you must recruit members.
 Recruiting members is not easy and takes a lot of time and patience.there are a few ways to recreuit members though.
           1)recruit using world and beginner chat
          2)scout your area for players without a alliance and invite them
         3)make sure all recruits are in your state
         4)have all members recruit and scout
It is recommended that you place only the people you are sure you can trust in positions, because sometimes you can put people with high prestige to position and they over throw your governance.

So now your alliance has been created and is operating but what are these positions and what do they do well lets find out.
·         Host can do anything. a host job is to make sure the alliance is running well
·         Vice-Hosts have the same powers as the host. a vice host job is to assist the host in managing the alliance
·         Presbyters can expel members and can also promoted up to officer. a presbyter is the internal affairs department and handles any alliance issues or sends the issue to the vice-host
o   It is recommended that 2-3 presbyters should be given the name as diplomats who talk to other alliances for friendship or to end a war. This helps the alliance by taking some weight off the host shoulders. Once a diplomat has a alliance agreement they tell the vice-host or the host who will make the change.
·         Officers can invite members, accept applications and quit( expel to prevent prestige loss officer is a member that should recruit. officers are the admission department.
·         Members can join and quit and alliance. they should be able to help the alliance with any of the following
o   Information
o   Resources
o   Soldiers
Well there's the roles and ranks of an alliance. You should make sure that all members are in a rank that they work well in. Also if you have a member that without prior notice has been inactive for two weeks expel him for he has not been a help at all. There is also other ways to help your alliance out. Create website for your alliance. in my alliance I use three of the following(marked with a *)
ü  * www.evolliance.com – this is an alliance website that allows you to post scouting reports calculate food consumption and chat
ü  * www.excoboard.com – create a alliance forum. use this site to build a alliance forum. include the alliance history a member list and a diplomacy forum. this can help the alliance very much if done correctly
ü  * www.webs.com – create a alliance website. this site can help you build your own free website.
All of these options are great helpers. You can do a lot to improve you alliance and how well it runs.
Well now your alliance is at its peak the alliance has all 100 members  many allies, many enemies and many more netrual alliances. war is a constant fight and your enemies teamed up. your alliance is on it way to death. you've lost members well find your top three allied alliance and try to merge with them. if possible merge into one alliance but if you have to many members merge with your allies. you may have lost your alliance but you help you allies and in time you might be able to come back. I hope this guide for alliances has been a great help.
 Author: Anonymous
This article was reviewed an edited by Mario Saif.