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How to get Members

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OK there are lots of ways to get members but first you must know who you want in your new alliance.

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Do you want lots of members from all around your state or even the whole server?

-- OR --

Do you want people that are close by?

Now that you know what kind you need too get them

Here are some easy ways
  1. talk in chat and tell people about your alliance
  2. message people around you
  3. talk in the chat and say (type ____ for a invite to _____)
  4. just invite everyone that says something in chat lol

Getting new members to your alliance:

  • Send a message in the beginner's chat stating the name of the alliance, your prest minimum, and your location. Wait for mails from players.
  • While waiting, scour a 25 mile radius around your city for anyone not in an alliance. {Make sure not to go into another State}
  • Every 15-20 minutes, go back into the beginner's chat and repeat your message.
  • Every 10 minutes, check to see if there are any applications to your alliance, if yes hit accept.
  • Have all new members also scour a 25 mile radius for new potential recruits. {Tell them to stay within the same state as the alliance with their search}
  • When a new member joins, ask for what state they're in, if they aren't in your state and can't/won't teleport, kick them. You don't want a bunch of people in your alliance that can't reach you.