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Build one Warehouse for the quest, but don't rely on it to protect your resources from raid on its own, however it's good to have one Warehouse and set it to save only food so you have some stored for the Comforting "Disaster Relief" if you fall victim to attacks.

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As for protecting resources, there are some ways to keep most, if not all of them safe from plunders.

This strategy no longer works: Hide your gold and resources from plunder by putting them up for sale for a lot of money in the marketplace. Resources in the queue for sale that have not sold yet are taken in an attack (attempt to do this in a massive attack, and all resources up for sale will be gone from the list).

Resources that are bought and not yet arrived before the strike are not touched.  One strategy is to sell everything and buy it back, (so the gold can't be taken), less than 30 minutes before the strike hits. They can't touch it.

Another strategy is to have transporters load up with everything they can, and then march them to a valley, or set them up to march for a long time, (maybe an ally far away), while the strike happens, then recall the transporters before they arrive. In theory, you could just set the camp time for the marching orders for several hours and they would be safe, and when you recalled they would come right back.

The main issue about Warehouses is that they simply don't store enough for them to be worth taking up the construction slot in your town, even with Stockpile 10 researched. However, several high level Warehouses and Stockpile 9 or 10 can save a significant amount of resources.  Ideally you would set aside an unimportant supply city and use that as your Warehouse city, so as to not interupt the soldier training in other, larger cities.  In this case you would keep a supply of resources sitting aside in this town to protect them in case you fall under attack unawares and don't have time to protect them in other cities, or transport them to safety.
Note that Cost times below will vary, depending on your Mayor's Politics attribute.

Level 1 can store 10,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required Quest: Rich Store: Warehouse
Food 100 Food 500
Lumber 1500 Lumber 2,000
Stone 1000 Stone 1,500
Iron 300 Iron 500
Costs Time: 10m 00s

Level 2 can store 30,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 200
Lumber 3000
Stone 2000
Iron 600
Costs Time: 20m 00s

Level 3 can store 60,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 400
Lumber 6000
Stone 4000
Iron 1200
Costs Time: 40m 00s

Level 4 can store 100,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 800
Lumber 12000
Stone 8000
Iron 2400
Costs Time: 1h 20m 00s

Level 5 can store 150,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 1600
Lumber 24000
Stone 16000
Iron 4800
Costs Time: 2h 40m 00s

Level 6 can store 210,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 3200
Lumber 48000
Stone 32000
Iron 9600
Costs Time: 5h 20m 00s

Level 7 can store 280,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 6400
Lumber 96000
Stone 64000
Iron 18200
Costs Time: 10h 40m 00s

Level 8 can store 360,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 12800
Lumber 182000
Stone 128000
Iron 36400
Costs Time: 21h 20m 00s

Level 9 can store 450,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 25600
Lumber 364000
Stone 256000
Iron 72800
Costs Time: 42h 40m 00s

Level 10 can store 550,000 units resource. 

Prerequisite Required
Michelangelo's Script 1
Food 51200
Lumber 728000
Stone 512000
Iron 144600
Costs Time: 83h 20m 00s