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TNBC - Tivie's NPC Battle Calculator

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For the latest info, updates and stuff please visit the calculator oficial website: http://www.evonycalc.co.cc

This is a excel spreadsheet I made for calculating transporters, troops status, battle movements and troop losses per turn. It's programmed in Excel + VBA Macros. I chose this "language" due to compatibility issues. I might port it to a standalone program later.

DISCLAIMER: This spreadsheet was made by me, from scratch. Feel free to use it as you like, but don't forget to credit me if you find it useful and post it in other forums or sites. Also, ONLY USE THE RAPIDSHARE LINKS provided here or link back to this page. I might update the files without previous notice. You may not change or use the source code, formulas or any contained info in the spreadsheet without my approval. You may not sell or make money by distributing this program. All images and names are either property of me or UMGE's Evony. All rights are reserved. By downloading the Spreadsheet you agree to these terms.

What can this Spreadsheet calculate?

Troops Status modified by techs (Attack, defense, life, etc)
Number of troops of a given NPC lv
Number of transporters and Ballista needed to attack a NPC, based on techs
Troop losses (beta)
Battle Report with Round-by-Round event (beta)



You need to activate macros for it to work. To do so, open Excel, go to Tools>Macros>Security. There select Security level "Medium". This way, every time you open an excel spreadsheet containing macros, it will ask if you wish to run macros or not.


**This works with Windows only. Not compatible with Mac.

Version 2.8 (09.09.29) 

Version 2.8 (09.09.29)


version 2.9 - 09-10-30 .: Corrected Archer Towers Range and HBR/Archery working combos.

version 2.8 - 09.09.29

.: Corrected the Logistics Bonus to Transporters
.: Added Hero Attack Status Bonus to Troops Attack and Defense Power (thanks to Lord Bx.C)
.: Added Barb Attack Status bonus to NPC Troops Attack and Defense Power (as requested by several users)
.: Formulas updated to reflect the latest alterations in Evony Battle Mechanics
.: Added a splashscreen with EULA (End-User License Agreement)
.: Due to code stealing, I've protected the Macros Source Code from viewing

version 2.6 - 09.07.27
.: Some minor bugs corrected
.: Name changed to TNBC (Tivie's NPC Battle Calculator)

version 2.5 - 09.07.26
.: A more easy reading battle report, with turn based events
.: Interface rebuilt (step by step interface)
.: Some other minor updates
.: Troop loss calculation (BETA, still in test - Feedback is appreciated)

Programmed to future release:
.: PvP (player versus player) battle calculation with troop losses from both attackers and defenders

by Tivie

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