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Preventing or Recovering from Plundering by Edited VampirePrince

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<<< this page is work in progress, by Lord Kaaching and Ladybug >>>

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Tips for preventing being plundered

  • look unimpressive
    • this is really a good trick - it saves you from having to cope with the tips of the rest of this page :-)
    • a lvl 6 town hall can have level 10 walls
    • you can have great defenses, yet you look like a "small fry" - alike a lvl 4 NPC on the map
      • most bullies will ignore you
  • don't have resources available
    • lower production when you're away from the game for a longer time
    • send stuff away - to friends or nearby valleys
    • use up all resources in queuing the building of new troops and defenses
  • big defenses - see City Defenses
  • eliminate enemy scouts
    • if you have a large amount of scouts (more than 15,000?), you can eliminate scouting efforts from opponents
    • that may attract attention by itself
    • if you have big defenses and no resources, that's something you want to "advertise" - send your scouts to a nearby valley
During Plundering
  • save some food for comforting your people
    • if you can, try to comfort already during plundering - your people won't walk away so quickly and the opponent will have to do a lot more attacks
  • don't open the gates when you cannot win an attack
  • what is most valuable?
    • apart from 100,000 food, that's probably your lumber and iron...
  • never have your workers, scouts or transports in your city with the gates open
  • make sure NOT to have helpful alliance members send too much food during a series of attacks, as it will be stolen anyway
Recovering from Plundering
  • loyalty / grievance
    • your loyalty directly influences the % of cottages inhabited
    • your loyalty cannot be higher than 100-grievance
    • use Town Hall > Comforting > Disaster Relief to  improve loyalty by 5 / reduce grievance by 15
      • costs food
    • use Town Hall > Comforting > Praying to improve loyalty by 25 / reduce grievance by 5
      • costs gold
    • use item Speech Text
      • rare, costs 100 game coins in the shop
    • so usually you'd better get grievance down first - loyalty will decline again if loyalty+grievance > 100
    • that's why you need a stash of food
  • make sure to have food to do comforting
    • keep food in a warehouse
    • have a secret stash of food, e.g. in a valley nearby
    • get food help from alliance
  • restore food levels
    • only produce food
      • if you have too little population, you need to use them effectively
      • use Town Hall > Production  and reduce your production of lumber/iron/stone
      • once population levels rise again, raise your production again
    • get food by raiding NPCs
      • note that in order to send your troops to an NPC, you need food - and if your troops need 10,000 food for the trip, you need to have a lot more in your town.
  • build new defenses
    • build more infrastructure first (generate more food/stone/lumber/iron faster)
      • this may sound counter-intuitive, but your infrastructure works most of the time, whereas plundering NPCs only works if you already have food and begging your alliance members only works if you have been nice for them in the past
    • probably build Archer Towers first. There are 2 approaches possible:
      • build a large amount in one go - you're not defended whilst building (see next point) but at least you have a decent amount of defenses when finished
      • build many small amounts - almost immediately you have some defenses back, but usually opponents will crush small numbers easily
  • get temporary forces from your alliance for defense in your embassy
    • i.e. both your embassy AND your gate (rally spot) must be open or this won't work...
      • note that attackers cannot tell if the gate is open until after the first attack
    • note that these troops eat a lot - again food is important...
    • and if your alliance can spend enough forces to fend off multiple attacks
  • improve your research
    • bullies usually have level 10 archery. Their archers will take out yours without losses - you just cannot shoot far enough.
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