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The Perfect City

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The Perfect War City + The Perfect Holding City

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You will need to demolish the forge straight away once you build your workshop.

Once your walls are done being upgraded you will need need to demolish the workshop.

Once your feasting hall has been upgraded to the highest level you will need to demolish the "inn".

The Perfect Holding City

Also you would have a second city next door that would be able to hold all your army.

It would consist of 27 cottages. Something like this but with a lot more cottages.

As for the resource fields, there would be 40 sawmills , that you could sell and buy food. As the economy has changed, you could put 40 farms down there instead.
428k an hour without any forests, so if you add 10 level 8/9/10 will then you will have a lot more wood an hour than 428k.

The holding city has to be next door directly. For it to be efficient, you wouldn't build a relief station in the war making city, but you would in the holding city, as that will be the city you use to deploy your troops to your alliance members etc.. That is very important.

Also if you can afford to do this, don't build any resources in your holding city, this way you can hold the max number of troops possible.

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