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Best Way to Attack

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OK this is a risky strategy that will ether make people wont to attack you (for revenge) or will stay clear of you.

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Make sure you have upgraded your Feasting Hall and Rally Spot high for this to work.

Here is what you do:

1. Pick your target
2. Scout it

Amount Range
Few 1 - 24
Pack 25 - 49
Lots 50 - 99
Horde 100 - 249
Throng 250 - 499
Swarm 500 - 999
Zounds 1000-2499
Legion 2500 - 4999
Bulk 5000 - 9999
Giga >10,000

3. Pick a force that can take down what you scouted

To take out a archer tower it take about 5 archers,traps take out about a even number of your workers, warriors, pikeman, scouts, and swordsman.(100 traps verses 100 workers, warriors, pikeman, scouts and swordsman = 80 of each left)


4. Send attacks

Send two attacks that can each take down the enemy and 4 or more attacks that can just carry back resources
(what this does is kill his loyalty)

5. Repeat

Repeat this till he begs for mercy