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Building a War City

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The obvious subject of this topic is war/attacker cities. Understand that people have many different ideas on this, but I will try to explain some of the more “open” strategies for a good build, and then support the builds that I offer.

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I will also try to tell explain how to create an entire system made for warring.

War City Strategies 1. Wood/Gold Strategy 2. Food/Gold Strategy 3. City Support Strategy (Tried to order this so that one strategy will easily support the next one?)

Wood/Gold Strategy

The simple explanation The wood and gold strategy is basically a strategy to which you build 40 Sawmills, and sell the wood on the market, and buy all your food. The idea is that with this you will be able to afford all your food because of all the money, and this strategy does have good backing when you look at the math, but for those less active (me) not such a great strategy.

P.S.-You can also “store” your food in the market so that all your food supplies don’t get stolen, but if it’s stored in the market then if you run out of food in your city your troops will leave, or some of them will.

Possible Builds
City Build Option One Option Two Cottage 27 10 Barrack 0 16 Stable 0 0 Relief Station 1 1 Beacon Tower 0 1

Feasting Hall 1 1 Rally Spot 1 1 Marketplace 1 1 Academy 1 1 Sawmill 40 40

First Build

Why 27 Cottages? The 27 cottages at level 9 with 100% tax for two hours (and 90-100 loyalty) will make 243,000 gold. This is enough to buy 4.86 million food at .05 gold. This could feed a very large army, and just imagine what you will earn for the rest of the day at 50% tax, and loyalty. 27x4500=121500x.5=60725x.5=30375x22=668250

You will earn a little over 911k gold a day enough to buy 18.255 million food a day.

Why 40 Sawmills? With full bonuses, and sawmills you would earn 220,000 wood an hour without bonuses, but with 10 level ten forests you would earn 230% more wood a day, and 330% with a 100 political hero, and 430% with level ten science for woodcutting 220000x.23=50600x10=506000+220000=726000+220000(he ro with 100 politics)=946000+220000 tech plus=1166000 production an HOUR If you were to sell this at .7 gold each, you would make 816200 gold an hour from selling the wood, and you would make 19,588,800 gold a day just by selling your wood production at .7 gold each. This is enough to buy 244,860,000 food at .08. This could feed nearly 40k catapults an hour. There’s enough to feed one million archers hourly, and still have some left over.

Why NO barracks? This is a war city yes, so why no barracks in the first build option? The first build option is merely to maximize gold production to feed a larger army. This first build strategy would also fall under as the maximum storage strategy because you’re buying all the food you can with as much gold as you can earn. This is probably the maximum you will ever be able to buy with ONE city when correctly built.

Then you might ask well then where are you supposed to get troops? My answer will be to reinforce the city from your other cities. And for those of you who would rather train in your attacking city that is why I offer the three build options.

Second Build

Why A split between the cottages/barracks? Well for those who would agree that an attacker city should be consisted of mainly barracks. The cottages are obviously to supply a workforce for the mills, and a supply of idle workers to train, which is about 23000 idle pop when 100% loyalty and filled with peasants.

Why no beacon tower in the first build but the second? Simple the first build is what I would go with, and is my own personal opinion because I believe that hiding the location of my attack is necessary at all costs, and so that’s why I will never scout from my attacker city, now that is not to say that I will not keep scouts in my city. The second option is simply to let players choose whether they want a beacon tower or not really you can edit these builds to suit your needs. Just don’t post it because I already understand….

Food/Gold Strategy

[P.S.-this is my part one, so it is old and just too lazy to fix any current problems with it, this idea is for the less active] I can understand why you have so many barracks, but to me it would seem more practical for more cottages and less barracks. I'd have 18 cottages and 10 barracks, and the four extra buildings. For the resource fields I'd have 40 farms. I will explain throughly through math why I'd build it this way instead of the other way.

Also you should have both a political hero and a attack hero, the politcal hero would be to maximize food production thus increasing troop placement within the town.

Why 18 cottages? 18 Cottages = 99000 population

With 100% tax, and 99000 population that’s 99k an hour. Or even 50% at 99000 is 49.5k an hour.

Thus meaning at .03 gold per food, at 99k an hour you could buy 3.3 million food, half of that at 49.5k gold an hour. Meaning you could support a much larger army because you can import so much food an hour. Even if it were just for one hour that you made 99k you could feed a very large army for a day at least combined with food production.

Also the 99k population gives you an almost unlimited supply of trainees.

Why 10 barracks?

Now, you may be able to train more with 18 barracks, but with more cottages you can obviously hold more troops, and maintain them. Now being able to train more troops may seem more reasonable, but as long as you have both a hero with a lot attack, and are constantly training then difference won't be great.

Not only can you train more though, while your enemy may have maxed out his troops before yours you can still be training because of the fact you can maintain/feed that army giving you not only a bigger punch, but a lot bigger carnage.

Why pure 40 farms?

Alright so first off every resource place can hold 550k resources and produce 5.5k resources at lvl 10. That means with 40 farms you will produce 220,000 food an hour. That is very small, and you will only have a storage space of 22 million food.

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But I mentioned valleys and heros in the title of my reply.

Now a level 10 lake gives 35% increase. Meaning ten lakes give an added 350% increase to the basic production. This means now instead of 220,000 food being produced you now produce 990,000 food. Now with 220,000 basic food production you could probably reach over 1 million food production easily with a good political hero.

With 1 million food production you could hold about 333333 warriors. I don't know why you would want to, but thats fine by me.


Lets say we're really active, and play an average of 5 hours a day. That means with my building set up, and 100% tax that you could make 495k a day, and buy 16.5 million food at .03 per food. That means you could support an army of almost maybe 500k warriors, or more(didn't do the math on the amount of possible warriors since it is theoretical right, Lol)? Lol, I wouldn't build 500k warriors, but it would be fun as hell.

This is my take on the idea of the war city.