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If you don't want other Evony players to plunder your cities and take all your resources, you have several defensive and offensive options.
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  1. Don't have resources available to be taken

    See warehouses (Note: It won't help you until you got your warehouse(s) to level 10 and your stockpile research to level 10 too)

    Another method and more effective than warehouses build a market and upgrade it to level 4 and if some one attacks you put all your resources in the market with high prices so you will lose gold only that's effective way I always do it when any one attack me (Note: You always lose gold if you use warehouses or market).

  2. Make it harder for them to take your resources by building defenses

    If it costs more to take your resources than the attacker gets from you, you will not get attacked.

  3. Plunder them before they plunder you  (its a cool idea but don't plunder some one with 200,000 prestige while you have 90,000 prestige; he  scouts you because you will lose that's why you need to join a high alliance)

    Use their resources to make more plunderers and plunder them again and again until they are bone dry. Name your God and bleed the freak.
We highly recommend #3, as the growth potential of plundering is insane.

Defensive options include
  • Keep putting all your resources into defenses ( here is the ratio to build your defenses 2 Archer's Tower   2 Traps , 2 Abatis, 2 Defensive Trebuchet, 1 Rollinglog)
  • Upgrade your warehouse (you need to upgrade it to level 10 and to upgrade your resares stokepike too to level 10)
  • Open your gates so your standing army will fight (if you have enough army to fight back, example: you have 10,000 warriors and 10,000 archers and the attacker attacks you with 30,000 warriors and 60,000 archer don't open the gates at all)
  • Join a huge alliance so they can help
  • Use a truce agreement
  • Teleport away (best choice but the attackers are clever too they choose the time that you are offline in it)
  • Write them a message asking them to stop (they will never stop but try your luck maybe they are a cool guys and stop the attacks)
  • Join the attacker's alliance (if you can't beat them, join them)