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Each Evony unit has a specific unmodified base range which it can attack from. The effects of technologies and items are calculated from these base ranges.
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Base Ranges

Mechanics/Siege Engines
City Defences

Battle Mechanics

Battles start at the maximum attack or firing range of the longest ranged participating unit(s).

So for example, if there are catapults in a battle, the first round starts at 1500 range. With archers in a battle the first round starts at 1200 range. For a warrior-only battle the first round starts at 20 range.

On round one all units with the longest commencing range will attack, and all other units will close up by their movement speed (adjusted for Horse Riding level). All Battles are made up of rounds which repeat until the victor is decided or the Battle defaults to the defender on 100 rounds, with surviving attackers retreat.

Ranged Attacks

Archery technology raises the range of Archers by 5% per level.

If archers have a superior range over their enemy, they get free rounds of shots at an opposing army until it reaches it's own attack range. As an extreme, think of the Russian Cannons and the Light Brigade's Sabers at the battle of Balaclava!

Likewise, the city wall level gives city defenses increased height and thus longer range. This means that archery technology is the most important technology in open battle, with wall level equally important in city defense.

Any higher research level Archers are guaranteed to have more range, so they can decimate enemy units before they can respond.

For example, with two 10K archer armies faced off, the higher ranged archers can easily wipe out more than half of the opposition on round one, reducing it to less than 5K archers (Research level differences are why the Rally Point 'Exercise' option is so often wrong in Evony).

Note that Archer's Towers have 100 more base range than Archers. Combined with Wall Level over L5 Archer's Towers become deadly as they get one or more free rounds of shots on attacking archers. Although not yet known for certain, it is possible that archery technology does not increase the range of defending archer's towers, only Wall Level (height).

City Attacks By Siege Engines

Compared to Archers, Ballistae and Catapults have more range than Archer's Towers, and that explains why siege weapons are so effective against towers on low level walls, because their higher range gives them free attacks until they reduce the defences.

Miscellaneous Battle Range Implications

  • Warriors die easily because every other unit except workers out-ranges them.
  • Cataphracts lose out to pikemen more than cavalry because they have less range than cavalry - cavalry gets two initial free attacks on them, cataphracts only get one.

Archery Technology

Archery Research boosts shooting range 5% per level. It has not been made known what exactly benefits from this extended shooting range, however probably all troops requiring archery to build, ie Archers, Archer's Towers,(but see above) Ballistae, and Catapults. The Archery Research requirement for a unit determines when it becomes available in Barracks for training. The 'Base' figures for range are a somewhat misleading as the 'Boost' range is what each unit will start with, eg a catapult can only ever have 2250 range, no more, no less. The research levels are as follows:

Unit Requirement Base Equivalent (L0) Research Boost @ 5%/Level
Archers 1 1200 1260
Archer's Towers 3 1300 1495
Ballista 6 1400 1820
Catapults 10 1500 2250

If your archery level is the maximum at L10, and an opponent has the minimum L6 for Ballistae, then your archers will have 1800 range, and the opponent's ballista 1820. So it is impossible for Archers to ever outrange Ballistae. It is impossible for anything to outrange Catapults as they require L10. Likewise, it is impossible to increase Catapult range by research as it's already maxed out.

Level Ballista Archer Archers Towers
6 1820 1560 1560
7 1890 1620 1625
8 1960 1680 1690
9 2030 1740 1755
10 2100 1800 1820

This article is based on the Evony Forum topic "the importance of range" by Darwin.

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