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The Art of War

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There are two categories of Warriors in Evony
  1. Meat shield
  2. Range
Battle is fought first by the strongest unit, then the second strongest, and so on. Once all the meat shields are killed, the range units are attacked.

Swordsmen are the best meat shields to protect your Archers. If your Archers are dying in combat, get more Swordsmen and try again.

Use the Exercise button in your Rally Spot to see how 100 Archers fare against 100 Swordsmen, then 100 Archers and 1 Swordsmen vs 100 swordsmen, and so on.

Have one soldier of each kind. The enemy must stop to attack 1 Warrior while your Archers rain arrows on them. They then stop to attack 1 Pikeman while your Archers rain arrows on them. And so on.

The general rule is to use 5 Archers for every opponent, 1 Warrior for every opponent, and one of every other kind of Warrior.
Here are the different ranges of your Army:
Worker Range = 10
Warrior Range = 20
Swordsman Range = 30
Pikeman Range = 50
Cataphract Range = 80
Cavalry Range = 100
Battering Ram Range = 600
Archer Range = 1,200
Archer Tower Range = 1,300
Ballista Range = 1,400
Catapult Range = 1,500
The lowest ranged unit is the Worker, and the highest ranged unit is the Catapult.
Each unit has an un-upgraded starting range, which I have stated above.
Once a type of unit is in range to attack another enemy unit, they will attack. Any other units that you have that are not in range to attack yet, will advance by their individual speed.
The battle will start at the highest range on either side. Basically, the highest range from either the offense or the defense will initiate the battle. If someone has a Ballista, the battle will start at 1,400. If the highest range out of both sides is a Swordsman, the battle will start at 30.
The Archery Technology raises the range of your Archers by 5% per technology level researched.
Whichever side has the higher range will get at least 1 free round of shots at the opponents which could easily turn the battle. This is because the Archers with say 1250 range will start the battle 1250. Unfortunately for the opponent, his/her Archers cannot shoot until a range of 1200 which forces them to walk forward while they are picked off.
This ties completely into the Archery Technology. At this point in the Evony game, Archery Technology is by far the most important in the game. Mainly, this is because whoever has the higher range, will gain an unimaginable advantage. For example, you could have 1,000 archers with level 8 Archery, and your opponent has 2,000 Archers with level 3 Archery, and you will easily win the battle. I will go more in detail about the Archery Technology in a later guide release.

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