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You Took a Level 10. Now What?

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Congratulations! You were able to take a lvl 10 NPC city and make it your own.

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Now what do I do?

I won't presume to be the expert in this matter, however I will share with you what I've learned and what works for me.

Moments after taking over a lvl 10 Barbarian town you want to:
Step 1: Reinforce. Be sure to send a little food, and a LOT of gold with your reinforcement troops. The food will keep your troops from rioting. The gold is for step 2.

Step 2: Praying. Do a disaster relief: praying, and raise loyalty 25 points instantly. (Do this again, every 15mins until you are around 75 loyalty.)

Step 3. Production: Go into TH, go to production and set value at 100 for each.

Step 4. Tax rate. Set this as low. (Tax 0 works well for a few hours, as this will raise your population as fast as possible). Adjust accordingly once your population/loyalty is stable.

Step 5. Demolishing buildings, and replacing them with barracks.

These are the buildings which I suggest as demo for replacement:
Workshop, forge, Inn, Stable, plus 10 cottages. ***Demo the Inn last***

***Demo these buildings once you no longer need them for the technology advance***

After you demo one building, replace it w/ a lvl 5 barracks. Then demo the next building, and replace. Repeat this process until you have 15 lvl 5 barracks.

The reason I say stop at lvl 5 is: A lvl 5 can build warriors/scouts/archers/cav. There isn't much you cannot do w/ combinations of those forces. Once you have your barracks to lvl 5, you can then begin upgrading each one to lvl 9.. until then, lvl5 is preferred.

Step 6. A lvl 10 comes with 11,000 abatis. Demo 9000, and reuse the wood to build archer towers. I build in sets of 500. Get these going asap, to thwart any attacker who might want to rob you of your new city.

Step 7. Once you have adequate wall defense, and reinforced troops being supported by the city, you will want to go about gathering lakes. (Some people might wish to get forests and hills, but I see no point, since the town has mostly all lvl 10 farms). The lvl10 NPC town makes for an excellent support base to garrison large armies inside of and remain in the "green" with positive food production numbers.

Step 8. Keep checking the inn and recruit hero's accordingly.

Step 9. Evaluate your:
Demo/Upgrade/Reinforce/Wall defenses/etc.

Begin using your town to raid/plunder NPC's and other players to gather resources and build more warriors/archers.

Step 10. Once you have 15 lvl 5 barracks, begin upgrading each one to lvl 9.(Or lvl 10, as you get scripts).

Also: You can demo the lvl 10 quarry and either build a lvl 9 lumber or iron to replace it, or demo the stone, iron and lumber and replace with lvl9 farms. It's a matter of personal preference.

Barracks Optional: After you get them all to lvl 9, you can begin upgrading the barracks to lvl 10 as you get mitch scripts. (what else are you going to do with them all?)

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