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Taxes, Loyalty and Gold

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Here is an article outlining the finer points of taxation, loyalty and gold.

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For those of us that are old enough, we already know what taxes are.  In the fuedel systems of old, taxes were used to increase the holdings of the local magistrate/sheriff, king/duke, etc.  If these people where just, they used the taxes to provide better for the people, however so often the case, they did not.

In short, Taxes to you mean that you earn a percent of gold per citizen of your city.  Each city that you build can have different tax rates.  And depending on your overall population, your income will vary as well.


Loyalty for heroes is something different from the loyalty of your citizens.  With heroes, it makes it that much more difficult for enemies to capture your hero.  With your citizens, it directly effects how much population you will have within your maximum population limit.

You can increase your loyalty by "Comforting" your population. To do this, go to the Town Hall and select the "Comforting" tab. "Disaster Relief" will raise your loyalty by 5, while "Praying" will bring it up by 15.

Taxes and Loyalty Relationship

Taxes and Loyalty are inversely proportionate to one another.  If you set your Taxes to 20%, your Loyalty will become 80%.  If Taxes are at 50%, your Loyalty will be 50%, so on and so forth.  As mentioned in another guide here, your best tax rate option will be about 50%.  There are ways to maximize your income, there aren't ways to earn gold quickly (aside from NPC raiding).  I will not go into those ways here, as they are better detailed in another guide.

Now that I have briefly explained that, let me give you an example of what I mean in "word problem" format (grin).  If Johnny has a maximum population limit 1000 citizens.  If Johnny sets his Taxes at 25%, what will be Johnny's Loyalty?  And how many citizens will Johnny actually have in his city?

The answers are 75%, and 750 (out of a 1000) citizens.  Using the same example, if Johnny sets his Taxes to 50%, he will have 500 people (out of a 1000) with a loyalty of 50.

Idle Population

Your idle population is a percentage of your current population that sits around all day and plays video games like Evony.  They have nothing to do and no cares to do anything until they are directed to.  Your idle population will decrease when you upgrade Harvesting plots like farms and sawmills.  When building walled defense like towers and trebuchets.  It will also dwindle when training troops.

I have a gold farming town that I am doing nothing with other than harvesting gold.  It hasn't any barracks, and has roughly 24 lvl 9 cottages in it.  I have an idle population of about 30,000 people.  It doesn't hurt to have idle population, though some that are sticklers and statisticians would disagree because I am not using my resources to the fullest potential... I will not argue over the details save to mention that it affects nothing in the game.

What does affect the game is when you don't have enough idle population.  IE, you have 2 million of each resource and you want to train your mega army of archers, but you have 1000 idle population (this is not a real number, just an example).  That means regardless of your massive resource cache, you will only be able to produce/train 500 archers.  Sucks, don't it?

Remember a few lines up when I mentioned the tax rate is best around 50%?  Well, this is true.  But when you are ready to stop building and start harvesting resources someone else has "harvested for you", you will be a little better off reducing your tax rate so that you can increase your Loyalty percentage and thus increase your population, ergo increasing your Idle Population. *WHEW*

You can also increase your population/idle population with Population Raising comfort in the town hall.  But that's a waste, because you aren't going to increase your population enough to really matter.

Everything Swings One way or Another

Just keep in mind that you are going to have to find your own balance in the realm.  You will have to decide what is best for you, regardless of what you might read here or anywhere else.  If you want to have a gold farming town with lots of cottages, you don't want a tax rate of less than 50% ever, and you will have idle population that is so stupid high that you will never be able to utilize.  If you want a warring city, then you are going to want less cottages (upgraded as high as possible), more barracks and lower taxes.  You won't earn the gold, but you will always have enough idle population to train troops.  The key to this game is to have patience, which isn't always easy when you have things you want to do now.  But this isn't one of those kinds of games.

Bullet Points

1. Taxes set the Loyalty Rate
2. Loyalty sets the "moved in" over the maximum population limit
3. Taxes are inversely proportionate to Loyalty (25%T=75%L / 10%T=80%L / 80%T=20%L)
4. Idle population does hurt unless you don't have enough, Lower taxes to increase Loyalty to gain more until you can upgrade cots
5. Find your own balance and have fun.

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