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Troop training

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1. Number of Barracks- Start out with 8 or 9 barracks. You demolish inn, Workshop, Forge, and some other buildings when your done with research. You should have 15 barracks in a balanced city.

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2. Level of Barracks- You should have about 4 lv 9, then rest at least lv 4. Then try to get some up to 5, this way you can train Calvary much faster.

3- What do I do with all these barracks?- You share them to all the other barracks. Ex. If you are training 5k archers, and you have 10 lv 4 barracks or above, then you divide the amount of time by 10! Thats 10x faster Archer production. But be smart about it. Sometimes you should use the "share to idle barracks only" box.

4- Maximizing troop production

4A- Okay now that you have your barracks completed, and have a general idea of how you train, you must know how many to train, priority, etc etc. First Go to your feasting hall and switch your hero with the best attack mayor, this lowers training time significatly.

4B- Once you have switched your hero, go to production, then set evrything to 0. Except maybe food. This will give you full or close to full idle population.

4C- Now its time to train your troops. Go to your highest level barracks and start training your troops! Make sure you share the training to the other barracks somehow, whatever your prefrence is.

5- My suggestion- Okay heres how I train

5A. I alays do Half of whatever is my maximum training capicity. So In order to get best results, you shoud have a priority list. Heres my list. Note- This is for a regular training round. If you need one thing, then move it to the top

*Battering Rams
*Ballistas(or Catapults)
* Scouts
* Warriors
* Transporters

6. Troops and their uses

Workers- Very cheap, and its what you get. Workers almost do nothing. They provide a big load, but have almost no fighting ability

Warriors- Very cheap, and allows you to produce massive armies of these.

Scouts- As their name says, They help you scout other cities and vallys, and defend against being scouted against(if gates are open)

Pikemen- Good against Cavalry and Cataphracts, but other then that, they are a waste of 500 lumber per troop

Swordsmen- Very balanced, but lacks the speed or range to do any damage.

Archers- By far the best unit in the game. Somewhat cheap, and will be able to gun down most armies without even taking a scratch

Cavalry- Very usefull for attacking long-ranged units, as they have the life and speed to get to them. Also very usefull in taking over User controlled cities

Cataphracts- Slower and bigger version of Cavalry. Deadly against Archers, Ballistas, and Catapults, but is ridiculously expensive.

Transporters- The load gurus. They have a load of 5000, which helps you transport goods to other members in your alliance, and raiding other players cities(or NPCs)

Ballistas- Slower and more powerful version of Archers. Would be the best force in the game, excpept for horrible weakness against good wall defense, and the cost to build. Instrumental in NPC farming

Battering Rams- Seems like a waste of time, but they are not what they seem. You can use the to create a "diversion" while you have a ranged unit firing away without resistance.

Catapults- The strongest unit in the game. Very slow, and very expensive. Mainly used in defense.

7.. Level of barracks and resources needed to train various troops
here is the format, Lv of barracks/food/lumber/iron/food consumption/population- tech needed needed
I star the expensive particular thing needed. These are the major Weakness for the building of this solider

Worker- 1/50/150/10/2/1- No tech needed

Warrior- 1/80/100/50/3/1- No tech needed

Scout- 2/120/200/150/5/1- Informatis lv 1

Pikemen- 2/150/*500/100/6/1- Military Tradition lv 1

Swordsmen- 3/200/150/*400/7/1- Iron Working lv 1

Archer- 4/300/350/300/9/2- Archery lv 1

Calvary- 5/1000/*600/500/18*/3- Horseback Riding lv 1

Cataphract- 7/2000/500/*2500/*35/6- Horseback riding and Iron working lv 5

Transporter- 6/600/*1500/350/10/4- Logistics lv 1, Metal Casting lv 3

Ballista- 9/2500/*3000/2500/*50/5- Archery lv 6, Metal Casting lv 5

Battering Rams- 9/4000/*6000/1500/*100/10- Iron Working lv 8, Metal casting lv 7

Catapults- 10/5000/5000/*8000(stone)/1200/*250/8- Archery lv 10, Metal casting lv 10.
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