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Town Halls Level 1 to 4

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This guide is to help the beginner player just starting out in Evony. This is an alternative to our quick-start guide. It is going to cover the time from when you start playing until when you come out of beginner protection 7 days later.

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Before you start your Evony account, you should understand something. The first few days are very time intensive. If your thinking about starting a city, wait until your Friday night to start everything up (assuming of course you have a day job that won't allow you to constantly manage your city). That way you'll have that night, and the next two days to babysit all the upgrades that are going to take 2 – 20 minutes. Any new cities will require this same level of babysitting, but you won't be getting the quest rewards to offset the building costs.

1) Location! When you start playing you should look around your city. Firstly, you don't want to be next to someone with a lot of prestige. You can check this by going to the map in the upper right hand corner, and left clicking on your neighbors and looking at their prestige.
You might want to scroll in a circle as big as 10 squares away from your city looking for high prestige players (40k or more). Secondly there are several resources which are important. These are forests, and latter in the game NPC cities and Hills. Forests help with lumber production when you get strong enough to take valleys, and NPC cities are great for plundering money as they replenish completely every hour. Hills are great producers of Iron. 

2) Quests. Some quest lines are better for advancement and strength. I suggest you stop the beacon quests once the tower reaches 5th. You should also not start the barracks upgrades until you're getting close to start taking valleys (Like day 2 or 3). Use your levies early on, later in the game you most likely won't be using levies at all. Make sure you upgrade your Inn to at least 3rd before you use the refresh button, wasting hero hunting on a level 1 Inn will leave you bitter later in the game when you have a level 3 Inn and don't have anymore hero hunting refreshes. Stop your academy at level 5, you won't need to upgrade this for a long time. Your Town Hall should be 2 levels above your walls. High walls just increase the number of slots available, the only reason to upgrade them is to get Archery Towers (level 3) and to allow you to upgrade your Town Hall more. After you come out of protection, walls will be more important because they increase ranged distance by +5% per wall level. The only exception is when your near the end of your beginner protection and you want to be able to build the town hall repeatedly without having to build up the walls. Also only upgrade your Town Hall after all of your current resources/cottages are no more than 1 below it. (So all your Farms and Cottages should be level 3 before you pay to upgrade to level 5 town hall.) A lot of new players “over build” their Town Halls. It costs a lot of resources to upgrade the Town Hall, and the walls linked to them. So make sure your resources can handle the upgrade so your not sitting behind the computer without being able to do your other upgrades. In general you want to do all your smaller upgrades when your sitting behind the computer, your medium ones when you run errands, and your big ones at night while you sleep.

3) Buildings/resources. Building times under 5 minute base can be sped up without using a guide. Now, I'm going to talk about each building and it's function including fortifications inside the walls.
Sawmill: Produces wood, which you need more than any other resource, and which costs the most on the market.
Quarry: Produces Stone.
Ironmill: Produces Iron which is more important later in the game, but still needed early on.
Farm: Produces food, not needed early game, mid game it becomes important, late game you'll have 200 mil of it in each city from lvl 5 NPC farming.
Cottages: Gold (see also taxes and loyalty).
Barracks: Troops (I suggest leveling just 1 to 9th and making ballista to setup for NPC farming).
Workshop: Allows for walls upgrades, research of metal casting.
Forge: Allows workshop upgrades, research of Military Science.
Feasting hall: It's level = number of hero slots, this is where you appoint a mayor.
Inn: It's level = The number of possible recruits, recruited hero's will go to the feasting hall.
Beacon Tower: Lets you know when and maybe what someone has sent at your city depending on it's level.
Rally Spot: When you send anything out of the city it takes a slot of the rally spot. This is also where you open your gates, and cure troops who've been hurt in combat.
Academy: Where you do all your research (in new cities you'll need to upgrade your academy to get researches you've done in other cities).
Embassy: Allows you to join a guild, and also allows guildies/allies to put troops in your city.
Relief Station: Increases the speed of travel between your cities, and your allies cities (this is HUGE middle/late game).
Stable: Allows for relief station upgrades, research for horseback riding.
Market Place: Used to buy and sell resources, can be used like a warehouse by selling all your resources and then re-buying them with a 30 minute wait.
Warehouse: Used to protect your resources. It's value is questionable. I hate them and they are a pain to DEMO.
Traps: Kills infantry, workers, and transporters, big range but doesn't kill a unit 1:1 even on warriors (I hate them as well).
Abatis: Attacks cavalry and Cataphracts ONLY. Abatis are unaffected by any other troops. 
Archery Towers: Shoot attackers and plunderers of your city (DA BOMB love them, build alot of them).
Rolling logs: Kill attackers and plunderers of your city, big damage and big range (I hate them even if they actually worked all the time).
Defensive Trebuchet: One use per attack wave. They do big nasty damage and prefer to attack siege units. I like 'em but you can do without them.

Now that you know what stuff doesn't do, lets talk about what we should build and why. Make sure you're using all your open squares, and have used up the instant speed upgrades (5 minutes or less). Upgrade resources first, these are the most important to upgrade in all of your cities. Your lumber production should be at least double and closer to triple the other ones. So if your producing 3000 stone, food, and iron, then you should be producing 8000 wood per hour. This may provide you with some extra lumber at times, but remember if you have to be extra on any resource you want it to be lumber or Iron because it's worth the most. I touched on building in the quest sections of this guide but I'm going to get further in depth now.

Let me take a moment to discuss a couple of building levels which are import to you. Academy to 5 so that all your cities get the benefit of the research you've completed in other cities. Certain barracks levels 4 (Archers), 6 (Transporters), and 9 (Ballistae) are more import than other levels, your barracks upgrades should reflect this when your building "in mass". Feasting halls hold heroes and to reduce your research time you need a hero with high Intelligence as mayor, for faster unit build speed you need a higher Attack stat Mayor, for increased resource production you need a higher politics stat mayor. So having at least three slots in your feasting hall is a good idea so you can swap out the politics guy for the Intelligence or Attack when your building (you'll forget to do it a few times before it gets to be a habit). I suggest a minimum of four slots in the feasting hall and a feasting hall in every city. On this same note I suggest at least level 2 on your rally spot for now, you can always upgrade this later. Ideally you'll only have one hero with very high Intel mayor who runs between all your cities and does your research upgrades, 1 mayor in each city, and several attack heroes in each cities.

Now to fortifications, don't build traps or rolling logs, they are single use, and they really aren't that much of a deterrent, plus due to their range they may hurt you if you have your gates open (which I suggest you do). Archery towers stop people from plundering you, and kill attacking troops, the more of these you have the better. They are not single use. I suggest you keep your gates open to prevent Archery Towers from being destroyed by siege weapons for free. This is why traps and rolling logs range may be bad (more on this in the next installment). Abatis stop people from Cavalry spamming your city until the attacker gets rid of them, I suggest you end your beginner protection with at least 1k of them, and 5k archery towers. Along with hopefully 5k or more in archers and 300 ballistae. 

4) Units. Due to the value of wood, pikemen are horrible to build early game. Given the devastation of ranged attack and the way combat works, archers are gods. If you can afford to build archers, then do so (another reason wood is so important). Warriors are the cheapest cannon fodder for traps and logs. If you have the time and extra iron, swordsmen are a good choice given their stats. You should have at least 100 scouts, I suggest 200 during the beginner so you can send 2 groups out to scout if you want. Cavalry are used to take out Abatis. Don't build them unless your about to take a player/NPC city that has Abatises in it. You shouldn't be doing that in this phase. The Cavalry, Cataphract, and Scouts all run out in front of the other infantry troops and die to your oppositions troops alone. Horses do have uses against archer ONLY defenses but it's not worth the resource investment at this time of your development. Just remember when using Horsemen against opposing Archers make sure they don't have anything but Archers.

5) Created Cities you should look at the post below to see where to position them. The more flats close to them the better. Also don't make a second city with 5 squares of another city. You'll be stepping on each others toes way too much.

6) Research. Informatics and Archery are VERY important. You want to keep them as upgraded as you can afford. One level in either of these can make a big difference. That said, make sure your doing all your resource upgrades first, they help all your cities and extra resources mean extra building. Because some cities don't have Forge, workshops, Stables, upgrade try to do upgrades in secondary cities that don't require those buildings so that when your mains research is free you can research something that requires a building there (Metal Casting, Military Science, and horseback riding). Just remember you won't be able to research Stockpile if you don't have a warehouse. That will save you gold as well as making your gold from the extra cottage you'll have where other players have a warehouse.

In closing as you reach the end of your beginner protection it's important to do a few things to keep from setting yourself up as a target for stronger players. This is done by making yourself less appealing, in that you have archery towers, archers, and warriors in your city with the gates open. Also, and more importantly keep your resources and gold SPENT. In those beginning few days after your protection is over keep yourself in as constant state of building and troop production as you can. You don't want your resources to look enticing. Also try to get into a top 200 guild, that guild tag will save you from a lot of wood be plunderers. Building once in the morning and once in the evening would be the minimum until you have upwards of 10k in Archery Towers, 10k in Warriors (or 5k in Swordsman) and 20k in Archers. I know those numbers sound big to you right now, but the more defenses you have and the less resources they'll be able to plunder the less likely you'll get plundered. I'll leave you with this joke.

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