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Many Evony items can be bought in the Evony shop for money or won by spinning the Wheel of Fortune using an amulet token.

Medals are given as rewards for defeating valleys and NPC cities. On extremely rare occasions, non-medal items can also be found.
On July 16 2009, Evony increased the value of many items. Check these pages out to see the updated values

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ItemTypeGame Coin
ItemTypeGame Coin
Advanced City Teleporter Item 90 
Advanced Quarrying Tools Production 50 
Advanced Tax Policy Item 280 
Anabasis Item 
Archimedes Notes Produce 35 
Arch Saw Produce 
Aries Amulet Chest 
Beginners Guidelines Speed Up 
Blast Furnace Produce 50 
Blower Produce 
Chain Helm of Beowulf Chest 100 
City Teleporter Item 30 
Civil Code Item 50 
Corselet Item 10 
Courage Medal Medal n/a 
Cross Medal Medal n/a 
Double Saw Produce 50 
Dynamite Item 20 
Epitome of Military Science Item 30 
Excalibur Item 40 
Freedom Medal Medal n/a 
Hero Hunting Item 
Hero Package Chest 188 
Holy Water Item 20 
Honor Medal Medal n/a 
Intermediate Guidelines Speed Up 20 
Iron Rake Produce 50 
Ivory Horn Item 60 
Junior Battalion Chest Wheel only 
Junior Medal Box Chest 80 
Justice Medal Medal n/a 
Leather Helm of Robin Hood Chest Wheel Only 
Lion Medal Medal n/a 
Master Guidelines Produce 80 
Mechanics Battalion Chest Wheel only 
Medium Medal Box Chest 140 
Merchant Fleet Produce 
Michelangelo's Script Item 50 
Napolean's Diary Production 30 
National Flag Item 
Nation Medal Medal n/a 
New ID Item 200 
On War Item 100 
Penecillin Item 120 
Plate Helm of Lancelot Chest 
Plowshares Produce 
Primary Guidelines Produce 10 
Ritual of Pact Item 500 
Rose Medal Medal n/a 
Senior Battalion Chest Wheel Only 
Senior Guidelines Produce 50 
Senior Medal Box Chest 240 
Speaker Item 
Speech Text Item 100 
Tax Policy Produce 45 
The Art of War Item 40 
The Wealth of Nations Item 40 
Truce Agreement Item 30 
Ultimate Guidelines Produce 120 
Ultra Corselet Item 60 
Veteran Battalion Chest Wheel Only 
War Ensign Item 30 
War Horn Item 10 
Wisdom Medal Medal n/a 
Showing 64 items
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