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Aries Amulet

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Evony Aries amulet allows you to spin the Wheel of Fortune.

This gives one random Evony item that can range from worthless to 1000 cents (I got 1000 cents one time!)

To use the Aries Amulet, click the roulette wheel in the lower-left corner of the window. Activating the wheel uses one amulet.

The reward is worth 24 cents on average, considerably more than the 5 cent cost of purchasing the amulet from the Evony store. But you may not get what you want!

You receive one free amulet every 24 hours at 10:00pm, but you do not get a second one if you forget to use the amulet. To get the free amulet, click on the Quests button, then the Daily Quests tab, then Get Award.