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City Teleporter

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Use this to teleport your city to another location randomly.

Evony Price = 30 Cent(s)
  • You will have the option of staying in your current region or chosing another.
  • Recall all your forces before teleporting.
  • Allows you to teleport to a random unoccupied/unconquored flat.
  • You will likely lose all your valleys, especially if you are teleporting to a different state.
  • Once you apply city teleporter, you will be able to choose the state and see how many players, cities are in each state, along with the player rate (as a percentage) for each state. It will be in a combo box. For example, one item would be: state: SWABIA, Players: 1748, Number of cities: 4322, Player Rate: 52%. (Now that you can see this info, there is no way to cancel. There is only "OK" button. So, you will need to choose a state and teleport.)
  • After a random teleport like this, you can scout and attack cities. There is no cool down period like in the Advanced City Teleporter.
  • Currently, you get a City Teleporter from Quest when you upgrade town level to 5 (as of 2009/08/08 on server 31). This is in addition to the one from the beginner's package and another one. So, after town level 5, you should have 3 of these.