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Michelangelo's Script

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A Michelangelo's Script is needed to upgrade a building to level 10.

When you start off you have 1 Michelangelo's Script. You can get more from special packages and promotions, you can buy them in the shop for 50 game cents (about $5 USD), you can win them off the wheel of fortune, and in a rare occasion you can get one from taking over a level 10 barbarian city. 

You may be wondering what to use the script for. Well if your thinking your going to use it on your barracks because you want catapults, dont! I would recommend using the script on your town hall because first, you are able to advance promotions then. (You need to become a General which requires level 10 town hall, once you are a general you may advance your title.) Secondly, you have 3 more resource spots and one more valley, and thirdly, your city will look big on the outside.

Also, using it on your walls is not a bad decision cause you can defend your city better and your walls look cooler from the town view.

If you want to build Catapults, however, you would likely want to get your Workshop to level 10 so you can research your Metal Casting 10 while you are building your level 10 Barracks. Yes, you'll need two of these scripts to get catapults. Catapults are also the only way to possibly defeat level 6 and higher Barbarian Cities with zero casualties.

Other Notes:

You need one Michelangelo's Script for every building you wish to upgrade to level 10. Some people think if you upgrade one barracks to level 10, for example, you can upgrade your other barracks to level 10 without Michelangelo's Scripts. These people are wrong!

If you build a level 10 Relief Station you can move at 6 times normal speed. 20% faster than you could at level 9.

If you build level 10 Academy you can research Privateering. Seems useless to me for the moment.