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iEvony news and announcements directly from Evony.

iEvony - Over 565,000 Credits Earned

July 11 2009 07:07:54

My Liege,

Did you know that over 565,000 Credits have been earned by iEvony users, just by inviting their friends?

It doesn't end there my Liege!  Even now your Highness can invite one's most worthy friends to take part in this great game simply by using iEvony and remember: for every noble friend you invite, your most grateful Queen rewards you by paying you 42% division* in game credits to spend at your pleasure!

The Queen presents you this great opportunity to help raise credits to defeat our enemies!

You can access iEvony in a few seconds by going to:
Shop -> Earn Game Coins -> Login, on the Evony website.

It would be a crime against the Queen simply to not take part in this fabulous promotion! So what are you waiting for my Liege? A huge treasure of credits is only a click away!

* The division combines with 30% immediate division and 12% Discount Quota.

iEvony Beta Invitation

July 11 2009 03:36:48


In thanks for your longstanding support of Evony, we wanted to extend an invitation to you to join the iEvony Open Beta. As you may be aware, iEvony is a special program which rewards you for referring your friends and family to play Evony. Just by telling your friends about Evony, you can earn Credits that can be exchanged for Evony Cents or special items that are obtainable only through iEvony, as well as discounts off your purchases.

Getting started with iEvony is simple. Your account has been activated to use iEvony and you can now start using it in just a few clicks:

Shop -> Earn Game Coins -> Login

Here, you can start sending out invitations to your friends, monitor your credits and discounts and download the iEvony Client. The iEvony Client is a user-friendly program that makes sending and monitoring your invitations even easier, and is the fastest way to start earning Credits.

To learn more, follow the instructions above to log in to the iEvony section of your account and read about all the features. Thanks for helping us improve Evony and iEvony by participating in this open beta.

Welcome to the iEvony Beta!

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