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Farming a lvl 10 NPC

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While building your army to compete with other players in your area and on your server, you may quickly running low on food. If you have alot of lower level NPCs around you but one or two level 10 NPCs , they may make up for the lower levels.
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Every time a level 10 NPC is fully generated, it holds 19,000,000 food, 600000 stone, iron and lumber and 1500000 gold. These resources are defended by 400,000 warriors who are encased in 11,000 traps, 5,500 abatis, 3,666 archer towers, 2,200 rolling logs, and 1,375 defensive trebuchets.
If those resources are enticing to you, you should know that a level 10 NPC is actually quite easy to farm. But, you may lose some troops whilst farming. With the right forces and research level, you can farm said NPC with minimal losses.
The key to minimizing losses against the NPC is to layer your troops correctly. If you send too little layering troops, your "meat shields" will be wiped out by the traps before even getting close to the walls. Sending 20-40 of each Warrior, Pikeman and Swordsman helps a bit. But myself and others in my alliance have found that 1000 of each works the best.
Another key to farming a level 10 NPC is to have a high level attack hero as possible. A heroes attack is like a damage increaser. A hero with 100 attack will do 100% more damage than if a hero had 0 attack.
My main farming hero is level 120 with 185 attack. Thus giving him a 185% more damage than a hero with 0 attack.
Another thing to have is either level 9 rally spot with a war esign or a level 10 rally spot. This allows you to send more troops to the NPC so you can have less troop losses. Overkill is key to farming this NPC.
Researching levels
Recommended research levels are :
Archery level : 10
Military tradition level : 10
Iron working level : 10
Logistics level : 10
Compass level : 10
Medicine level : 10
Minimal Research levels may be :
Archery level 8
Military tradition level : 8
Iron working level : 8
Logistics level : 8
Compass level : 8
Medicine level : 8
Before you attack you should try and scout the NPC to find a low level hero
After finding a low level hero in the city, send your attack.
Send 1000 swordsman, warriors, pikeman, enough transporters to bring back about 23,000,000 resources, and the rest of the troops you can send should be archers.
In two sample attacks i sent :
1000 Swordsman
1000 warriors
1000 pikeman
2500 transporters
94500 archers
Using a hero with 185 attack on the first attack i lost :
1000 swordsman
1000 warriors
1000 pikeman
0 transporters
5893 archers
Using a hero with 186 attack on the second attack i lost :
1000 swordsman
1000 warriors
1000 pikeman
0 transporters
5622 archers
With the losses at a minimal number, the resources outweigh the losses. If you try these numbers with a lower level hero, you may have higher losses as compared to myself. If you send a 5000 warrior wave or two about 30 seconds before the attack, you may lower your troop losses substantially. Have fun looting about 23 million resources every 8 hours. :)

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