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NPCs vs Ballistae

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In Evony, the most efficient way to farm level 1-5 NPC cities with zero losses is with armies consisting of ballistae and transporters.

Unfortunately, Evony can't seem to keep battle links working for very long. We are keeping the links on this page in the hope that Evony will fix the problem and make them work again someday!

If you are seeing broken battle links, the problem is not with your browser, it is with Evony.

Since June 9 2009, you need horseback riding L8 and archery L9 to hit the level 5 NPCs with zero losses.

Warning:  As of August 16, 2009 it appears that updates have been made that may require you to increase the number of Ballistae needed to farm NPCs with no losses.  Please let us know if you experience this as well.
When contributing, please include
  • Battle link for proof
  • Hero attack level
  • Archery level
  • Horseback Riding Level

Transporters Required

It is important to remember that this is only the number of vacant transports you will need.  Both the transports and the troops require food.  This will be the tricky part.

Each ballista can hold 35 load as well and that increases by 3.5 for each level of logistics as well.

Each Transporter consumes 10 food and each ballista consumes 50.  There is some structure or academy level that reduces this as well but I am not sure what it is.  Currently my transports are only consuming 1 and my ballista's are only consuming 11 with a load of 46.  So I can attack anything within 4 miles and it will not require any more transports than the above as long as my ballista's are equal to or greater that the number of transports.

Transporters Required

NPC Level 1

75 Transporters

Archery L7

+++ Corpy +++
Date: 14th Nov 09
Lots of testing, with arch l7, 20 ballistae are the minimum for zero losses

Archery L8

20 ballistae

Archery L9

20 ballistae

Archery L10

20 ballistae

(Anything below level 6 archery needs to send 50 ballistae)

One player reported success with
80 hero attack
18 ballistae

Using lower-level attack heroes (like 27) may have ballistae losses.

Using fewer ballistae (like 9) can result in a loss

We can Hit NPC level1 with 32 Ballistas & 50 transporters with 0 losses

Battle link for proof=>

Hero attack level=>

Archery level=>
Level 9

Horseback Riding Level
Level 8

NPC Level 2───────────────────────────────────────

80 Transporters

Archery L6

200 Ballista
Military Tradition: 6, Iron Working: 5, Horseback Riding: 4, Logistics: 4

Archery L7

42 Ballistae

114 Ballistae (54 Transporters)

+++ Corpy +++
Date: 14th Nov 09
Lots of testing, with arch l7, 120 ballistae are the minimum I have yet tried with zero losses


I was able to take a lvl2 NPC with 35 ballistae and 50 transporters - 0 losses

Hero:  Att 73
Arch:  Lvl 7
Mil Trad:  Lvl 6
Ir Work:  Lvl 5
HBR: Lvl 5
Log:  Lvl 5


Archery L8

I didn't bring any ballistae and this was for testing purposes.
  • Hero 72
  • HBR6    
  • Iron W7
  • Military S8

24 Ballistae

Aug 06, 2009

150 Ballista
Hero Attack 75
Horseback Riding L6

NPC Level 3────────────────────────

Archery L6

101 ballistas, horseback riding 1, 27.07.09

Took 67 rounds

Below is a successful no-loss attack with only 181 ballista.  This should help you in your search for a "sweet-spot".  So it must be somewhere between 171 and 181...

200 ballistae, horseback riding L8
Confirmed Jun 28, 2009
Since the recent patch limits the rounds of a fight to 100, the number of ballistae needed for a lvl 3 is between 171-200.

There are no casualties on your side if you attack with 170, but you return with a defeat and no loot because the fight aborted at round 100. The sweet spot is somewhere between 171-200. If anyone knows a more accurate number, please let us know!

Note: The NPC archer's towers can hit ballistae, so there may be casualties if your archery level is less than 7.

200 ballistas, horseback riding L5, hero attack 73, military tradition L7, iron work L4
Jul 21, 2009
-Won Battle-

+++ Corpy +++
Date: 14th Nov 09
Lots of testing, with arch l7, 200 ballistae are the minimum for zero losses

Archery L8

120 ballistae, hero attack 122

150 ballistae, horseback riding L5, hero attack 30

Proof Jul 09 2009

Archery L9

110 Ballistas:
Hero attack 78, Horseback riding lvl 9,military tradition lvl 8.
July 24th,2009

Archery L10


NPC Level 4───────────────────────────────────────

460 Transporters

Archery L7

234 Ballistae (lost 18 Ballistae!)
Hero Attack 80
Horseback Riding LEvel 5

Proof @ 09/16/2009

295 Ballistae
Hero Attack 100
HorseBack Riding lvl 6

uly 4 2009 Proof
Aug 5 2009
350 ballistae
Hero Attack 131, Metal Casting Lv 7, Horseback Riding Lv 6, Logistics Lv 5

Jun 24 2009 Proof

500 Ballistae
Hero Attack
Horseback Riding Level 5

Proof @ 05/08/2009

Archery L8

150 ballistae


Hero attack-83
Military tradition-6
Iron working-8
Horseback riding-6

210 ballistae, hero attack 70, horseback riding 5
Jul 27 2009 proof

270 ballistae, HBR 3, Hero Attack 79

300 ballistae
279 transporters
0 losses
military tradition: lvl5
iron working: lvl8
logistics: lvl9
compass: lvl10
horse back riding: lvl3
archery: lvl8

300 ballistas, horseback riding 6

Archery L9

150 ballistas, hero attack 84, horseback riding 9, military tradition 8

145 Ballistae, Hero attack: 106, HBR: 8, MT: 8, IW: 8, Med: 7

102 Ballistae, Hero attack: 107, HBR: 8, MT: 8, IW: 9, Med: 7

Archery L10

200 ballistas, hero attack 81, horseback riding 9, military tradition 10
I took a safe route, just to be sure I didn't lose any of my ballistae.

NPC Level 5────────────────────────

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Use 760 transporters

Horseback riding 8 is recommended at this point to have 0 losses

Archery L7

600 Ballistae

Military Tradition: 6
Iron Working: 7
Archery: 8
Horseback Riding: 5
Medicine: 5
Hero's attack: 70+

Archery L8

2009-08-02 -- I attacked a lv 5 NPC city and LOST:
753 Ballistae, Archery Lv 8, Horseback Lv 9, Hero attack 92

2009-08-03 -- LOST!
Hero Attack 80, HorseBack Riding 9, everything else lvl 7 or higher
This is the 3d attack similar to this, all with 570+ . . . . I guess I just don't learn.

July 16, 2009 -- I lost.  Here are the stats:
563 Ballistae
Hero attack 93
Horseback riding 8
Life 6 (all other training at 7 or higher)
Not sure why this didn't work for me; would appreciate any insights.... (Bootscum, server 22)
    *It has been rumored that Horseback Riding level 7 and 8 have an issue that cause losses. It is suggested to have level 9 HBR.

July 20 -- this time I won, but with Archery L9.  Here are the stats:
400 Ballistae
Hero attack 98 (level 32)
Archery 9
Horseback riding 9
All other relevant training at 7 or higher
Jul 14, 2009
350 ballistae
Horseback riding 5
Medical 6
Military tradition 8
Iron working 6
Hero attack 95 (anything less than 95 and I started getting losses)

Jul 8, 2009
Took 717 ballistae on a trial run on a Level 5 NPC. I had to suffer 48 casualties but won.
As it was a trial run i did not take any transporters.

Jul 1, 2009
700 ballistae
Horseback riding 5
Hero attack 100

Between 3001-5000 ballistae

Jun 28, 2009 with 3000 ballistae and 227 losses
Jul 26, 2009
500 ballistas
Hoseback Riding lvl 6
Hero attack 86
Aug 07, 2009
616 ballistas
Hoseback Riding lvl 6
Hero attack 131

Archery L9

No losses
350 ballistae
hero atk 93
HBR lvl 8

Military Tradition 7
Iron Working 7
Medicine 6

Sent 400 ballistae, hero attack 93, zero losses

Sent 400 ballistas, hero atk 40, lost 15


Both of these done by myself, Nannis, so all other tech the same: (this was done to test hero attack factor)

380 ballistae, hero attack 103
380 ballistae, hero attack 17, lost 24 ballistae
  • Hero's Attack: 110
  • Archery:lvl 9
  • HBR: lvl 6
  • IW: lvl 7
  • MT: lvl 9
  • MC: lvl 6
  • Medicine: lvl 7

See also above:  Archery L8 loss and then Archery L9 win

Archery L10

Archery 10
Medicine 9
Compass 9
Iron Working 10
Military Tradition 10
I sent 250 ballistae to a lvl 5 NPC with 0 losses and hero attack 130
I lost 5 ballistae with a 113 attach hero
^-- 130 attack hero
^-- 113 attack hero

I had someone else try it with lvl 10 techs, and he lost about 20 ballistae.


400 ballistae, horseback riding L9 (only increases mechanics & cavalry movement speed)
August 11, 2009
390 Ballistae, Horseback riding L9, Hero with 122 attack, no losses.
December 28th, 2009 - ZERO LOSSES
Ballista's: 700
Transports: 600
Hero Attack Rating:  104
Archery: 10
Military Tradition: 10
Horseback Riding (HBR): 6
Medicine:  9
Note:  With the above stats and Archery at level 9, i was still taking losses but was winning.

NPC Level 6───────────────────────────────────────

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At level 6 Defensive Trebuchet come into play. It is unlikely that you will succeed without ballistae causalities.

Archery L9

Jun 30, 2009: 4982 ballistae, hero attack 104, 303 losses

Because of the wall bonus, NPC cities L6 and above will increase ballista casualties.

Bring catapults! With catapults you can win with no losses.

Archery L10

Without Catapults, losses are always going to happen. Depending on the level of HERO in the NPC depends on the amount of loss you have.

With Horse riding at lvl 9 minimum, you can send 1600 ballistae, and will loose 360 of those. 25 will be able to be treated in the Rally Spot.
Sending more ballista helps but still will not stop the losses. Sending 1900 ballistae reaps only 250 losses, again 25 of these are repairable in the rally spot.

Jul 25, 2009: 1100 catapults, hero attack 106, 143 lost.  All research at lvl10.
Battle went 47 rounds.

NPC Level 7───────────────────────────────────────

Totally lost 3010 ballistae with 1L0 archery and L9 horseriding, Hero 113 attack. 

Lvl 10 arch and minimum lvl 9 Horseriding is advised on this NPC level.
2500 ballisae reaps losses of 800 and goes 60 rounds. Havent tried less than this yet, as the losses are too great.
I am starting to use catapults on both lvl 6 and lvl 7 now.

NPC Level 8───────────────────────────────────────

Lost 5000 Ballistae and 2500 transport with Archery 10 and HBR 9 and Hero with attack 117

Lvl 10 arch and minimum lvl 9 Horseriding is advised on this NPC level.
A minimum of 3500 ballistae. ???(losses)???

NPC Level 9


NPC Level 10


Don’t send Ballistae against level 10 - it’s a sin to waste them. 
I send 4k warriors, 94k archers 2k Transports. 
Loose all Warriors -quickly replaced - and 7-8k archers. 
All levels at 10 - HBR, Archery, Logistics

2 results: 2 different heroes 
Result1: battle44.evony.com/default.html?logfile/20091130/d7/b4/d7b49b2fce9a8d1928b96b4faec6dac4.xml 
Result2: battle44.evony.com/default.html?logfile/20091130/da/e6/dae62c886c63666c994e945d41f3259d.xml

2009 Nov 20
Sent 20000 Balls, 1000Pikes, 1000Swords, 10000Arch, 2400trans. I lost all pikes, swords, archers and 15754 Balls (OWCH).
I did walk away with 22.5mil resources though.

Evony has been tweaking the game with each patch, so this information may not be accurate.

Does your experience differ? Let us know!

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