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Compensation Pack 2009.08.23

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Evony has released one of its greatest promotion to date on 09/08/23, ostensibly as a compensation pack.  This Compensate pack includes free cents!  However, only active accounts prior to the pack date will receive that pack.
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All players who registered before August 23rd can claim this package.


Cents game coins (100)


On August 22nd, 2009 Evony servers had experienced a system wide failure which disabled access to their game or forums for about three hours.  After countless complaints Evony had issued a compensation package, and sent the details via in-game email.

Subject: Token of Goodwill to All Players
Time: 08/23 05:38:30

Evony Community,

Today we experienced a critical downtime of over 3.5 hours with all servers and the main website being unavailable and then some issues with the forums.  We understand that this has made many of our great players frustrated and disappointed.  We’re disappointed too.

Evony is a small independent online game developer and publisher, a small business which has grown exponentially due to the great community of players we have.  Today’s downtime was caused by an error from our hosting partner, The Planet.  This has placed us in a very difficult situation in trying to address and fix the errors; however within a few hours we were able to get all servers back online.

As we’re a small company, when problems like this arise, it affects us very deeply.  We’d like to take this opportunity though to try and make something good out of it by offering a token of goodwill to all players.  We are releasing to all players a Compensation Pack consisting of 10 Amulets and 100 cents, FREE.  While we cannot make up for the issue that The Planet has caused, we do hope you accept our apologies and gift and still continue enjoying the game.

Please allow us 3 business days to send out this pack to all accounts.  Accounts must have been created before today in order to obtain the pack.  You will be able to claim the Compensation Pack in the left hand corner in the game.

Best Regards,

Evony Team