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Package Aug D

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Beloved Lords and Ladies,
How is your journey in Evony going?

More players are coming into this land, making Evony a success, which we owe it to you! To help you compete more effectively and easily, we prepared for each and every one of you a FREE $50 worth gift: Package Aug D!
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Spend $30 or more by September 1st and you can get one! Here are the goodies you’ll receive!


Purchases of cents under the premium rewards program do not qualify for the above package. Must spend a total of $30 or more on cents between Aug 28 and midnight Pacific Standard Time September 1st, 2009. Total retail value of the Package is $50.


Speaker (10)
Food (20,000)
Stone (20,000)
Wood (20,000)
Iron (20,000)
Gold (10,000)