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Heroes in Evony are the top of your troop food chain. A hero is a special character in Evony which can either be recruited or captured and persuaded to join you.

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Heroes have two roles: Mayor or Attack Leader.

They have three stats which will help either your city or your army, depending on their role. Without heroes your troops don't know where to go.

Here is a brief introduction on how to get heroes in Evony, and what they do.


Politics: When appointed to mayor, the hero's Politics score adds to the bonus you get in resources, the higher the politics the more resources you gather. Politics also decrease building time. As an attack leader, a hero's politics score increases the chances of capturing and persuading an enemy hero to join your side.

Attack: When a Castellan is appointed, the hero's Attack score lowers the time it takes to train troops and build fortifications in your wall.. In addition a higher attack score adds to the defense of your city when it is under attack. When out fighting, the score acts similarly: a higher attack score will strengthen their army.

Intelligence: When a Castellan is appointed his Intelligence lowers the time it takes to research technology. If you appoint a hero to a scouting march the amount of information gathered is increased, depending on the rate of intelligence.
In addition a higher intelligence level increases the chances of finding medals upon winning a battle.

The next two aren't really stats as they don't benefit either the city or the army, and they cannot directly be controlled by you

Loyalty: Each Hero has their own loyalty. The lower the loyalty, the higher chance of him being captured and persuaded by an enemy upon defeat. It also may affect when a city 'riots', when the city's loyalty becomes low.

Salary: This is the simplest of the stats. In order to have a hero you must pay him. He is paid hourly (off the top of your income) as the price is stable, 20 gold multiplied by the level of the hero. So a level 1 costs 20 gold an hour, while a level 13 costs 260 gold.

How to get a hero

Recruiting a hero

To recruit a hero you must have an Inn and a Feasting Hall.

Inn: You recruit the hero here. The number of heros displayed depends on the level of the Inn. The higher level Inn, the more heros you can recruit at one time, and the higher level heros you can recruit from the Inn.

Feasting Hall: Here is where your heros live. The number of heros you can own depends on the level of the Feasting Hall. The higher level Hall, the more heros you can command.

Capturing a hero

Randomly while attacking anything, it is possible to capture the opposing hero. The likelihood of this happening is dependent on their loyalty, and your attacking hero's politics rating. In order for this to work you MUST have a free spot open in your Feasting Hall

Winning a hero

It is possible to get a hero through certain items. These items can be won through the wheel of fortune or purchased at the store. See below for more details.

Hero Roles

Mayor: In the Feasting Hall there is an option called Appoint Castellan. This will let you choose one of your heroes to lead the town as its mayor. A castellan cannot be sent on an attack, but his stats lends benefits to your city. To appoint the hero, go to your feasting hall, click appoint then click the hero you'd like to be Mayor.

Troop Leader: Every attack requires a hero. In order to choose a hero for the attack, simply initiate the attack as you normally would, and select the hero in the drop down box next to "Hero"


Leveling up: Your hero gains experience by attacking. The higher level the place they are attacking, the higher the experience gained. I also believe that experience is gained when the hero is mayor (dependent on the time as mayor). When your hero gains enough experience to level up you may do so by going to the Feasting Hall and viewing your hero. Every level gained allows you to add one attribute to any of the three stats. So when my level 5 reached level 6, I may add one attribute to his Politics, Attack, or Intellengence.

Hero dismissal: At anytime you can choose to dismiss any hero. If you would like to dismiss your Castellan, then simply appoint a different hero as Castellan, then dismiss your former Castellan. This allows you to dismiss 'fire' lower level heroes so that there are vacancies in your Feasting Hall to hire new heroes.

Wheel Of Fortune - Hero Prizes

The Leather Helm of Robinhood.

The leather helm of Robinhood offers a level 10- 15 hero.
You need one free space in you feasting hall but no employment fee. 
These still cost the normal salary.


There is no set number of skill points that each hero starts out with, so it helps to not settle with one until you are satisfied with their skill set. Typically a good hero has a base attribute level (say attack) of at least 65, while all of their attributes sum to above 130. The benefit of choosing a lower leveled hero with high attributes is that they are cheaper in the long run, but more importantly will have a higher maximum number of skills. Also they are easier to level up when at lower levels.

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