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Marketplace Guide

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Here is a very useful guide by Crypteia for those who want to acquaint themselves with the function of the marketplace in Evony.

First, click on the marketplace to open the market window.

Second, click on the tab of the substance you want to buy or sell then click the "Post" button. For this demo we will buy some food.

Third, on the left the top five offers to sell and buy are listed so we can get an idea what resources are selling at. The lowest price per unit of food to sell is 0.04, in this case, and the high offer per unit of food to buy is 0.028, in this case.

I will offer up 0.03 per unit of food for 10000 units total at a cost of 301.5 gold as indicated on the screenshot. Since the lowest offer already posted to sell food is 0.04 you may have wait a few minutes for someone to accept the lower offer of 0.03, but since we are higher than the highest posted offer of 0.028 I have a good chance of finding a buyer quickly.

When you are ready to buy the good click the "Post" button in the lower right corner of the market window.

To sell resources use the same technique and market trends as we did to buy from other players but make sure the dot is in offer instead, then click "Post".

If your purchase or sale doesn't get accepted right away it will show up in the Pending Orders window until a buyer or seller is found. A bid or offer may be canceled at any time by clicking the red "X" by the bid/offer without losing any gold or resources.

Once the offer or bid is accepted it will show up down in the Trading Status window with a goods delivery timer to your city.

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