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Medal Drop Rates

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Jan 20, 2010 Update

Since a lot of you probably needs some medals, I've decided to share my knowledge with you.

The progress is:
1) Get at least 15k-20k archers (this just minimizes troop losses, you don't need this many)
2) Fill up your valley capacity
3) Search for unoccupied lvl 10 valleys near you (lower level valleys work, but not as well)
4) Scout them - this is important, you'll want to avoid valleys with cavalry or archers as they'll cause you to have casualties.
5) Select the valley(s) you want to attack - obviously more valleys and more archers gets you more medals!
6) Send in the archers
7) Read the battle report
8) Wait 1 hour for the valley to respawn
9) Go to step 6)
Some might think that this is the hard/long way to do it, but I've found 140+ medals in 2 weeks (640+ attacks) doing this - AND LOSING NO TROOPS. Heroes have had attack 40-150 and intelligence 16-120, all loyalty 100, and they've all found a pretty much equal amount of medals!
The next thing you might want to know, is where to search for certain medals or how different valleys drop medals. My experience is:
Flats: 24% drop rate, based on 138 attacks
Primarely: Rose Medals
Secondary: Lion, Cross
Rare: Nation
Deserts: 22% drop rate, based on 158 attacks
Primarely: Lion
Secondary: Justice
Lakes: 9% drop, based on 11 attacks (I keep lvl 10 lakes)
Primarely: Cross
Swamps: 13% drop rate, based on 40 attacks
Primarely: Freedom
Rare: Justice, Nation
Forests: 25% drop rate, based on 73 attacks
Primarely: Courage
Secondary: Honor, Rose
Hills, 29% drop rate, based on 129 attacks
Primarely: Courage
Secondary: Wisdom
Rare: Freedom, Honor
Grassland: 16% drop rate, based on 95 attacks
Primarely: Lion
Rare: Rose, Nation
You might experience different drop rates or other findings than me, but I think these are good guidelines. I am NOT saying than you for example CAN'T find Honor medals in Grassland valleys, I'm just saying that it's been unlikely for ME to find other than what's desribed here.
The only medal which I now have less than 15 of, is the Freedom Medal - I only have 14 of those...
My statistics can be found here (Excel-file):
I hope this is useful.

Jan 18, 2010 Update

I have put to use many of the strategies I have learnt from various websites, but none of them worked. But recently, I won 9 medals (4 lions, 2 justice, 2 honor, 1 freedom), all of which I acquired on first hits!


I was previously told that in order to win medals one must conquer a valley, some of the troops must die, and there must be consecutive waves of attacks. However, what I recently discovered from playing in server 74 proved all these assumptions wrong. I discovered a few major things that I would like to share:

1. You DO NOT have to conquer a valley to acquire medals. I already owned 10 valleys so after every attack my troops returned automatically, and I did not have to go through the tedious valley abandoning strategy.


2. You DO NOT have to send waves to acquire medals. I won all my medals on first hit.


3. Your troops DO NOT have to die in the process of medal acquisition. I have won HONOR and JUSTICE medals where all my troops survived. For instance,




4. Medal drop rate seems to increase to a great extent at certain times, and in that period you should use the same hero to attack identical valleys. E.g. when I first acquired a lion medal from a level 9 grassland, I attacked all the other level 9 grasslands I could find and quite amazingly got lion medals every single time!

Jan 10, 2010 Update

Using a level 4 hero with 60 Intelligence, I attacked 200 valleys, never attacking the same valley twice. The results: Desert 0 medals, Flatland 0 medals, Forest 0 medals, Grassland 0 medals, Hill 0 medals, Lake 0 medals, Swamp 0 medals. If anyone is able to find medals, please email contribute@evonypedia.com and tell us how!

Getting Medals

Using a small force of scouts I was able to quickly gather rose and lion medals. I suggest low-level flats and swamps and I didn't have to camp/abandon them either. I will enclose my proof as it took only minutes to get 1 lion, 1 rose and 2 cross medals.

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But I believe that level 1 flats are the best for gaining medals
Lv1 Flats
Also I maxed all my HERO's to 100 loyalty before attacking and found it improved my chances.

How Medals Drop

Note: Thomas McManus contributed this feedback: I've been playing on Server 86 for a month and I've attacked hundreds of valleys of all levels. Only got one medal, a courage for retaking
an undefended L9 lake someone bumped me from with 300 scouts. It is the 86 community concensus that the drop rate is between 1% and 1.5%.

I get a 20% medal drop rate by attacking Level 10 valleys on Server 71 and found that forests have the best chance to drop a medal.

The key is to get enough medals for your rank and title before doing the quest. When you change your title, the medals that drop also change!

I sent out 10 attacks tonight (2009-Nov-07) and won 2 medals. My tech is mostly Level 10 and the hero didn't matter if he was Attack or Intelligence based. With lower tech, add more warriors and archers.

I collected 15 medals in 41 attacks using this combination of troops: 5000 warriors, 12,500 archers, 1 scout, 1 pikeman, 1 swordsman, 1 cavalry.

The proof



Lord Simion
Fear Alliance
"Those who say they're not afraid, haven't experienced Fear."

How to Get Medals

I get medals by attacking level 10 valleys with one of each unit and 30,000 archers.

For all valley levels, do not send a huge army, you will not get a medal!

It has to be a fair and close fight.

Use a Scout in your Army

Here is a little experiment with valleys using the worst intelligence hero.

Hero attacked 10 times at 6 1/2 minute intervals.

1. Medals found: NONE!!!!!
2. Hero Lvl: 12
3. Hero POL: 44
4. Hero ATK: 50
5. Hero INT: 14 <-------- As low as I could find
6. Hero Loyalty: 70
7. Forces used: 200 Archers
8. Enemy Attacked: Forest lvl 2
Same hero attacked same forest 7 more times. The only variation is the the fact that I sent a scout this time.
1. Medals found per attack: none, rose, none, none, lion, none, cross
2. Hero Lvl: 12
3. Hero POL: 44
4. Hero ATK: 50
5. Hero INT: 14
6. Hero Loyalty: 70
7. Forces used: 200 Archers, 1 scout
8. Enemy Attacked: Forest lvl 2
So, on 7 attacks with a dumb hero and the addition of a scout, I found 3 medals. So, rather than focus on how smart the hero is, I find it beneficial to always send a scout with the troops.

Evony Medal Drop Rates

Where and how often does each type of Evony medal drop? What should you be attacking to get those hard-to-find rose medals?

The answers are in this guide!

Note: You need to actually conquer the valley, not just attack it, to get a medal!

Note: Aug 9, 2009 - it appears that you don't actually need to conquer a valley to 
get a medal...

Note: These drop rates should be the same for all servers, but we have noticed the drop rates are lower on the newer servers.

Does your experience differ? Let us know!

The hero used in all these attacks
  • Hero
    Level 3
    Attack 14
    Politics 18
    Intelligence 84
Note: Intelligence affects medal drop rates. The higher your hero's intelligence, the greater your chances of getting medals.
  • Courage Medal

    -Deserts x11
    -Flatlands x8
    -Forests x4
    -Grasslands x0
    -Hills x0
    -Lakes x1
    -Swamps x1
You can see here that he got more Courage Medals from the Deserts then anywhere else.
  • Cross Medal

    -Deserts x5
    -Flatlands x2
    -Forests x7
    -Grasslands x1
    -Hills x2
    -Lakes x9
    -Swamps x0
You can see here that he got more Cross Medals from the Lakes then anywhere else.
  • Freedom Medal

    -Deserts x4
    -Flatlands x2
    -Forests x3
    -Grasslands x1
    -Hills x2
    -Lakes x1
    -Swamps x11
You can see here that he got more Freedom Medals from the Swamps then anywhere else.
  • Honor Medal

    -Deserts x0
    -Flatlands x2
    -Forests x1
    -Grasslands x9
    -Hills x0
    -Lakes x3
    -Swamps x0
You can see here that he got more Honor Medals from the Grasslands then anywhere else.
  • Justice Medal

    -Deserts x4
    -Flatlands x1
    -Forests x2
    -Grasslands x1
    -Hills x8
    -Lakes x0
    -Swamps x0
You can see here that he got more Justice Medals from the Hill then anywhere else.
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    Lion Medal

    -Deserts x1
    -Flatlands x2
    -Forests x4
    -Grasslands x11
    -Hills x2
    -Lakes x3
    -Swamps x0
You can see here that he got more Lion Medals from the Grasslands then anywhere else.
          • Nation Medal

  • -Deserts x0
    -Flatlands x2
    -Forests x1
    -Grasslands x2
    -Hills x0
    -Lakes x0
    -Swamps x4
You can see here that he got more Nation Medals from the Swamps then anywhere else.
    Rose Medal

    -Deserts x0
    -Flatlands x2
    -Forests x1
    -Grasslands x3
    -Hills x0
    -Lakes x12
    -Swamps x0
You can see here that he got more Rose Medals from the Lakes then anywhere else.
  • Wisdom Medal

    -Deserts x0
    -Flatlands x0
    -Forests x2
    -Grasslands x1
    -Hills x3
    -Lakes x0
    -Swamps x6
This doesn't mean you will get the same outcome, this is only what he came out with.

Overall Totals:

-Deserts = 25 medals which is 12.5% chance out of 200 attacks
-Flatlands = 21 medals which is 10.5% chance out of 200 attacks
-Forests = 25 medals which is 12.5% chance out of 200
-Grasslands = 28 medals which is 14% chance out of 200 attacks
-Hills = 17 medals which is 8.5% chance out of 200 attacks
-Lakes = 29 medals which is 14.5% chance out of 200 attacks
-Swamps = 22 medals which is 11% chance out of
200 attacks

That means there's roughly a 12% chance to get a medal when you attack.

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