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Scouting Guide

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In order to scout someone you must have Scouts. When you scout someone you get a report. These reports however don't give you any information at first.

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Increasing your Informatics research gives you more detailed information. Eventually you start getting data when you scout players. The defenses, The army, The buildings, etc. Once high enough you just get accurate numbers.

Scouting success and the detail of information you get from scouting missions may vary on many factors

  • Your Informatics level (Researched in the Academy)
  • The amount of Scouts you send
  • If you include a Hero in your mission, his Intelligence will count
  • If you are spying against a Valley, its level.
  • Beacon Tower level effects scouting.

The most important factor is researching Informatics. Every level of Informatics increases the chance of success and the level of detail that will be provided on a successful scouting attempt. To successfully scout an area or a city your Informatics level must be equal to or higher than the area being scouted.

For Example: To successfully scout a level 3 Grassland you will require a level 3 Informatics or higher. 

The number of scouts sent on a scouting expedition also contributes to the success of the mission. For every level of the area being scouted a minimum of 10 scouts should be sent.
For Example: For a level 3 Grassland 30 Scouts will provide the most details. 

Scouting with Hero:
You can include a hero in your scouting mission. This will increase the level of detailed information in combination with your informatics. The higher intelligence of the hero, the more he affects the outcome.