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Steps to building your second city

OK, you’ve been playing for a few days now, collected a few medals, got your promotion, and now you want to build another city. Well, A lot of players out there lie in wait for somebody to start a new city while still vulnerable. They’ll take your first city, leaving you with the barely started new one. You need to develop fast and safe. Here are the steps I take.


1)      Finish building your first city. Before starting a new city, finish the old. Your current city should have lvl 9 or 10 walls, town hall, and beacon tower, not to mention a lot of troops. Check out your neighbours. If they have 50,000 archers, you should have that many, too.


2)      Build your farm. Look around on the map for an open area with a lot of empty flats. Conquer any that are lvl 5, build cities, and abandon them. Next day, look again. Any that have hanged to lvl 5, conquer and turn into a lvl 5 barbarian city. Leave thespace in the middle clear – that’s where your new city will be built. You should have 8-10 lvl 5 NPCs within a 20 min march before you start.


3)      Prepare your hero(s). You will need two – a mayor and an attacker. The mayor will need high scores in politics and attack – the characteristics that affect building and training, while the attack hero just needs a good attack stat.


4)      Build your reinforcements. The day you build the city, you will reinforce it with 500 ballista and 500 transporters, which you will use to (almost) immediately begin farming your NPCs. DO NOT ATTACK UNTIL YOU HAVE BUILT A LVL 6 ACADEMY! You need it to get the benefits of all that research into archery and horseback riding you’ve been doing. Attack before your Academy is built, and your troops are sitting ducks. After you have started bringing in 180,000 food every 15 minutes, you can send in the 10,000-20,000 archers you have trained for the purpose. When they are in place, with enough food to keep them from deserting, you will be able to develop at your own rate.


5)      Stock up on supplies. When you send the ballistas and transporters to the new city, LOAD UP THE TRANSPORTERS! Send lots of stone, lumber, and food, to keep you going until the farm system gets underway. After that, you can develop at your own speed, without worrying about running out of resources.


Remember – you will need to construct a rally point, and a lvl 2 feasting hall before sending in the troops. Good luck.