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Time Management and the Rule of Four

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Once you start upgrading things to 5th level and beyond, you will start to notice yourself staring at the screen, waiting for 10-15 minutes while your workers finish building whatever you ordered. This is a time-consumptive and ultimately wasteful habit, because instead of following a construction plan, you will start ordering anything that you have the resources for at the moment the timer finishes its count. Worse, you will start using your speed-ups, which you should be saving for later.
The Rule of Four is that you can do four things at once in the game:
1) Build/Upgrade something - a Wall, a cottage, a quarry
2) Research something at your academy
3) train fighters in your barracks
4) add defences to your wall - archer towers, traps, rolling logs.
When you log on, pick a theme. Then pick something from each category, start building.
THEN LOG OFF. Go away for an hour. Don't fiddle with it.
For instance, you could pick the theme Food. Improve a Farm, research Agriculture to the next level, and use the rest of your resources to build archer towers and train warriors. Log off, wait for an hour. By the time you're back, you'll have more resources to use on the next theme. If you choose Scouting next, you can research Infometrics, train scouts, improve a Barracks, and build some traps with the leftovers. Log off. Wait.
Have dinner. Watch TV. Socialize.
At the end of the day, before you log off for the final time that day, improve a big target, like City Hall or the wall - something that will take several hours to complete.
You'll accomplish just as much as you would sitting in front of that screen for hours, and you'll have a life, too.