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Troop Production

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Building an Army Basics

I. Barracks

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- You should have around 15 barracks in each city that you have
- In order to get 14-15 barracks you need to get rid of your warehouse because they are useless
- You should only have around 6-7 cottages
- EVERY barracks should be at least lvl 4. None should be less than lvl 4.
- A few should be at least lvl 6, and a few extra should be at least lvl 9.

II. Population

With such a small amount of cottages it is important to get them to at least lvl 6 or 7 asap. In order to get more population for building an army you should remove all labor population, set your units to build, then put your labor population back to 100%.

To set adjust workers:
- Click Overview under your portrait
- Click Production
- Set all numbers from 100 to 0
- Add units to your build queues
- Set all numbers back 100

It is important to keep your tax rate only around 15-20% so that your population comes back quickly. Using population raising comforting is also a good way to bring back your population quickly.

III. Attack Hero

Before you set units to build you must set your attack hero as your mayor. This is VERY important for reducing build times on units. Once you set your units to build you can set your mayor back to your politics hero.

IV. Research

- Military training enhances training speed of units by 10% per level. This is a good research to get up to lvl 7-9 asap.
- Metal Casting enhances training speed of all mechanics by 10% per level. I'd recommend getting this research to at least lvl 5-7 asap.

V. Unit Queues

Make sure to ALWAYS have units building. Be sure to use the checkboxes at the bottom-left of the barracks screen to add units to all barracks research queues. You can easily produce 1000's of units while you are sleeping or at work.

VI. Units

Important Units to Build:
- Archers Archers Archers. Archers should be your most numerous unit by far
- Scouts for a scout shield is also very useful. It will prevent others from scouting you
- Warriors and Swordsmen for fodder
- at least 100 of every unit so you can attack in layers (Send tons of archers and 1 of every other melee unit)
- Ballistae and Transports are extremely important for farming NPCs and keeping resources flowing (so that you can continue to build a massive army)
- Cavalry to quickly conquer people's cities

VII. Farming NPCs and Noobs

Farming NPCs and people with low defense is very important for fueling your unit production. You can't have a massive army without farming npcs and/or other people. If you are currently not attacking npcs and/or other players then you can't possibly be producing enough units. You are doing a disservice to both yourself and your alliance. Start farming and start producing an army.

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