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It would be great if Evony had a free vacation mode! While we are waiting for it, here is how you can come close to a vacation mode.

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This applies if you have 1 city only. (You can do this for your other cities, too, but there is the risk of them being conquered.)

It applies better if you don't have archer's towers and perhaps other expensive 
fortifications (rollinglog and rockfall/defensive trebuchet).

Preparation: (takes time)
1. Build or upgrade your warehouse(s) (usually 1, 2 is enough with as high level as you can).
2. Consume up resources until you have about half your warehouse capacity, so all of them 
will be protected. Leave about 70 or 80% of food (for later disaster relief, just in case it 
becomes necessary).
3. Consume up your gold by rewarding your hero's loyalties to 100. (The ones that you would 
definitely want to keep.) There is a 15 minute cool-down period after each reward. (Not sure 
if this is necessary but just in case.) Consume up extra gold by doing research and/or 
buying resources from the marketplace.
4. If you are in an alliance, tell them you are going on a vacation.

Setting up: (takes very little time)
5. Appoint your hero with highest intelligence as your mayor (this will help increase the experience 
of your intelligence hero while you are away although very very slowly);
make sure your highest attack hero is idle -- UPDATED!!
5b. Alternatively, you can leave your highest politics hero as mayor so as to increase the experience
of that hero (very very slowly); do whichever works best for your situation.

6. (key step!!) In your town hall, bring down food production to X% such that food 
production is as small as possible but greater than 0 (green). Bring down all the other 
resource productions to 0%. Set your tax rate as low as possible without making the gold 
production negative (again, to make it as small a positive number as possible).
(After this, you will see that net production will be 100 from providence for all resources 
except food.)
7. Uncheck "Open gate to fight" in Rally Spot.
Congratulations!! And welcome to your freedom!! (But there is a final step, continue to read...)

What this does is, it makes sure that you do not become a desirable target.
You will have very little gold and no resources to plunder. Your city (assuming you have 
only 1) cannot be conquered. Until your loyalty drops to 5 and you are attacked again, you 
also keep your army. There is no/very little gain from attacking your city. So, you could be 
scouted but most likely not attacked.

And if for some strange reason you are attacked, in the worst case, you will lose some or 
all your wall fortifications and will end up having public grievance and low loyalty. Since 
you have low tax rate, your loyalty will take time to reduce to dangerous low levels. 
Loyalty drops less in lower levels and gates open at loyalty 5, so there is a slim chance 
that you will also lose some or all of your army (if you mind that, then use them up within 
steps 1-3, but consider that this is probably a very slim chance) but this will also cost 
whoever attacks you.

In the worst case, your loyalty may become 0. Then, your only concern would be whether your 
account will be deleted. (Correct me if I am wrong.) If you can login once in every 5 days, 
you will be fine. If you are sure you want to keep this account, then buy some cents and 
Evony will never delete your account. Otherwise, judge on your own risk, which I believe is 
very low and probably ok to do.

In the worst case, you have food stored, you will quickly recover with disaster relief. When 
you come back from your vacation, you can reset all these parameters and continue the game.
And here is the final step:

8. Enjoy your vacation!
(If you want to accumulate the amulets and you have internet connection during your vacation, 
the least you can do is to login, get the daily amulet and log out.)

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