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What to do after being Crushed

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So, you say you went to bed last night as an Earl, with two powerful cities and a new one just started, feeling good about yourself. Then you got up this morning, logged on, and found 256 Plunder reports in your messages, found that your two big cities were now flying red flags and were renamed Gotcha and TooBad, and found that the little village you had left had no troops, heroes, or resources.

You have just been crushed. Welcome to Evony.


Still feel like playing?

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.


1)    They cannot take your last city. Ever. They can send a hundred waves of troops, and it will still tell them “Show mercy, Lord”. So, that little village is still in play. You can develop it all the way up to a lvl 10 monster, and nothing can take it away.

2)    He’s still out there. That guy with the 99K archers who took you down? He’s not going anywhere, and neither are his 99K archers. Every day or so, he’s going to scout you again. Don’t take it personal – he will be scouting EVERY town within 20 miles. He will look at the troop totals and the amount of resources on hand and ask himself 2 questions – “Do I need to smack this guy down again?” and “Has this guy built up enough resources to justify sending the looters back again?” If you plan to develop your city and build up your strength, then eventually the answer will be “yes”. It will be yes, someday, anyway – why do you think he built those 99K archers? Prestige? You will not ever be in a position to defeat him, unless his system crashes and he is unable to log on for a month. Thus,

3)    You are NEVER getting those two cities back. Write them off. Forget about them, look to the future. By the time you get 99K archers, both those cities will have 99K archers of their own – and they will double-team you.


So, what should you do?

4)    Build up your one city. Just remember that he cannot take your last city, but HE decides which one is your last city. If you start a new one, he takes the old one, and you’re back to square one. Just keep adding to your current city, and make it big and strong.

5)    Do NOT build archer towers or archers. Build barracks and cottages. In other words, improve your infrastructure. That is because he cannot attack and destroy those. The archer towers will go down with the first wave, the troops with the last wave, but he cannot burn the barracks or topple the town hall. Take your time, and build those up as high as possible.

6)    Use resources as fast as you get them. Don’t leave a big chunk for him to spot and send the Gravy Train around to pick up. Pick one building at a time, build up enough to build it, and push upgrade. Slooowly build up a few archers and warriors – 2-3000 each should do – and raid a couple of lvl 1 NPCs. That should give you enough of a resource boost for lvl 8+ buildings.

7)    Scout around for a new location. See point #2. You’re done as long as you are in his back yard. So, find a new back yard. Look for a plain with no big cities, with lots of empty flats where you can build your NPC farm. Get yourself an advanced city teleporter. Build yourself as high as he’ll let you, and then go. If you’re nasty, wait until he’s sent another attack your way, and leave at the last moment, so his troops get a long march for nothing.


Now, you can develop. Oh, two more things to remember.

8)    Develop quickly. Build those lvl 5 NPC cities, build those ballista that you will need to farm them, and build 99K archers of your own. You may be alone for now, but you never know when someone might arrive with plans of their own. Also, remember

9)    You are still an Earl. You have not lost any prestige, honor, or rank. You still have the ability to hold 3 cities, which means that you can build NPC cities 2 at a time and outproduce any local competition. If you’ve scouted properly, then the local competition consists of a few newbies with 2000 prestige. Their puny attacks will bounce off your lvl 10 walls while you build your farm and train your troops.


You’re still in the game, kiddo.