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Which building should be on level 10 or more?

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You should choose wisely on which building you will be using the Michelangelo Script on. I recommend chosing one of these three.

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Rally Spot - With a level 10 rally spot you can send out an attack with a troop force of 100k or 125k with a war esign.
Town Hall - With a level 10 town hall you can have a total of 40 resource fields and allows you to occupy 10 valleys. However, with a higher town hall you seem to get less prestige for building troops, buildings, fortifications or researching.
Walls - With level 10 walls, you get 10000 spots on your wall which allows for 3333 more archer towers. Also your archer towers recieve a range bonus of 5% multiplied by the wall level AND is combined with archery level bonuses.