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Ballista, plural ballistae, was a weapon developed from earlier Greek weapons. It relied upon different mechanics, using two levers with torsion springs instead of a prod, the springs consisting of several loops of twisted skeins.

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Ballistae have a long shooting range and are effective against other siege weapons.  They are very effective against fortifications as they out-range Archer Towers.  Currently, they can capture Cities on their own without any supporting troops. Balanced against this is the amount of resources required to build them and the very slow rate of training.

 Prerequisite  Required 
 Construction  Level 9 Barracks 
 Technology  Level 5 Metal Casting 
 Technology  Level 6 Archery 
 Food      2500 
 Lumber  3000 
 Iron      1800 
 Time required      50 minutes, 0 seconds
 Life  320 
 Population  5 
 Attack  450 
 defense  160 
 Load   35
 Food  50 
 Speed  100 
 Range      1400 

Ballista vs NPC


During the days of the Empire conquests, the ballista proved its value in sieges and battles, on ships, and on land. It was even used to quell riots. Many archaeological finds of ballistae date from the time of the Roman Empire; ancient technical manuals and journal accounts have been used to reconstruct these weapons in modern times.