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Battering Ram

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A battering ram is a siege engine originating in ancient times to break open fortification walls or doors.  Variations on the battering ram included the drill, the mouse, the pick, and the siege hook. These were smaller than a ram and could be used in more limited spaces. Battering rams had an important effect on the evolution of defensive walls.

Is a heavy support weapon which was used for overcoming an opponent's fortification.

-Battering rams have the highest life of any unit, and are excellent damage sinks.

 Prerequisite      Required 
 Construction  Level 9 Barracks 
 Technology  Level 8 Iron Working 
 Technology      Level 7 Metal Casting 
 Food  4000 
 Lumber  6000 
 Iron  1500 
 Time Requirement  1 hour, 15 minutes 

 Life  5000 
 Population 10 
 Attack   250 
 defense  160 
 Load  45 
 Food  100 
 Speed  120 
 Range  600