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Welcome to THEGAMENET, your social games network!

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Diablo 3
StarCraft 2

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We are a new Web 2.0 startup company and we are building the next social games network!

At  THEGAMENET you will find
  •    MMO reviews for popular games
  •    An MMO gaming community of forums to gather and share information on your favorite games
The Game Net is a network of gaming websites, wikis and social networks that give you the information you need for your game.
  • Database Websites
    Resource sites that have a huge database of information for you ranging from items to NPCs
  • Help Websites
    Guides sites that give you an in-depth insight on your game. Help sites consist of guides, hints, tips, and any other help you may need on your MMO journey
  • Wikis
    Sites where members & players can contribute their knowledge by easily editing information pages. Our wikis cover every single inch of the game.
  • Applications
    Great tools that enhance your game-play. These vary anywhere from toolbars to calculators.
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